About Us

What Is zooFamily?

“zooFamily” is a brand name consisting of three companies. Our three companies are Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd(Travel-Agency) , Airways Office(International Travel Blog Company), zoo Info Tech(A Foundation Of Information and Technology). We are not doing business for money making only. In fact, we make contributions to society through our income from all our three companies. We are a team and family who work for people, corporates and nations. Our profession is our passion!

About Us :

Airways office is an international Travel Blog and Information resources of all airlines. From the beginning of 2013, we are a reputed member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). which consists of 278 airlines all over the world and 118 nations. Since 2013 our team working with “Travel Technology” and “Travel Inventory”. We not only grown tourism activities but also we have taken the challenge to develop the aviation industry. We are officially connected with the International Air Transport Association, which run intensive lobbying campaigns to support many details of airline operations.

Major policy initiatives include passenger rights, emissions trading, security, aviation charges, airport slots, the benefits of aviation. We maintain the standards and quality of service in the aviation trade. Today’s Airways Office is a huge source of Travel Information. The users get all kind of airlines and traveling information from the website. We Believe aviation the business of freedom. Our mission is to represent, lead and serve the travel and aviation industry.

“Traveling Is The Only Thing You Buy That Makes You Richer and undoubtedly it’s the world’s best practical education.”


What we are?

  •  We are an IATA-registered Travel Agent and we are working to develop the travel and aviation industry.
  • We provide Travel services such as Airlines information, Air ticket booking, issue, reissue, cancellation, and travel related solutions
  •  We provide travel GDS system, API development, white level solutions, and travel website Development.
  •  We train people to develop a career in the travel industry.
  •  We represent, lead and serve the travel and aviation industry.
  • We deliver what we promise within a short time frame.

How Do We Work?

Airways Office is an information resource of all Airlines and Tourism Industry. We are officially connected with aviation industry who is a sales agent of almost all Airline. People choose us for Air ticket booking, issue, reissue, refund, and other travel information. We always ready to provide service via mail, phone call, website, and social media. We ensure a passenger global standard service and quality with the best price. As an International travel blog company our clients can book Hotels and Holiday Packages from our website. It’s an open information resource of the aviation and tourism industry.

Our mission:

As an International “Travel Blog” company our mission is to represent, lead and serve the travel and aviation industry. We believe aviation the business of freedom. Aviation business should be global standards, professional, and knowledgeable with service. Our profession is our passion!

Technology-XML-B2B Booking system

Investing in technology is one of our top priorities to keep up with the continuous development of online booking and other changes in the market. Our software is there for updated all the time within the state-of-the-art technology, our company has at its disposal. Our reservation software allows our software to `handshake` with any reservation software. Either through extracting/ importing reservation lists in excel format or through XML.

We have already developed our B2B system. Offering our products online with real-time availability, enabling our partners to purchase online all the best delta net products in a pleasant, efficient and cost-effective way. Our affiliate web booking system support both white table and back office solutions and the XML connectivity links our products real-time availability to the distribution channels ( websites, reservation system, dynamic packaging machines etc…) of our partners. All the information on our website is analytic (based on OTA standards) and also Google maps are implemented.

Our partners have access to our data server. With the possibility to download description and high or low-resolution picture for all our products. Our back office as well as is completely automated allowing all the departments ( Reservation, Contracting, Operation, Accounting, Etc) as well as branch offices to have a common reference point and fast access to all information, ensuring a high-level performance.

Technology and online link of all the companies operations and departments are of vital importance towards the company expansion and the creation of the extended network of branch offices.


Airways Office understands the challenges of the modern tourism industry and knows the planning, developing and adapting destination resources to the evolving needs of the market is the key to success. We take all trends in the tourism business into consideration, invest in new infrastructure and offer both leisure and business travel solution through state of the art technology. In this way, we can keep up with all the new market demands and secure the future of our company as well.

Our company respects and follows the traditional ways to traveling, such as back-to-back charter operations, but at the same time, it offers the infrastructure for the new mood of operation( online booking of all services, dynamic packaging support etc…). In the same way, we are involved in the missive production (major guarantee contracts for charter operators and strong deals with the hotels). But also provide the full a` la carte services for individual clients, in special accommodation (villas, traditional guest houses etc), especially combined programs (`island hopping`) as well as for special interest groups.

Offering value for money is our main concept: due to our long-term extended co-operation with major charter operators, we have obtained a strong purchasing power within the worldwide tourism market. Our Bed Bank counts thousands of contracted rooms all over the destinations of our network on exclusive commitment contracts, enabling us to manage the rooms in the most effective way, securing most competitive rates and availability as well as showing full flexibility towards our client.

Maintain competitive standard in the market, Constant improvement in our service guarantee and quality, Ethical business conduct, Total customer satisfaction, Improvement and adaptation of modern technologies in the travel industry, And value for a business partner.

The world largest travel website “Airways Office”  Know better. Book better. Go better with Travel information and service
At Airways Office, we believe in the power of travel- and in helping you make the most of every trip. With over 435 million candid traveler reviews, we can help you make the right choice when you shop for the hotel, restaurant, and attraction. The guarantee of our success is attributed to our creativity. Consistent professionalism, the high standard of our service, Tailor made products, attention to detail and final touch that makes each program a unique experience for the participants


About Our Business:

Zoo Info Tech – A Foundation of Information and Technology. We are working as I.T. firm with Travel Inventory, Travel Technology, Travel Courses and more. Our core of work: “Career Development Courses with I.T. | Foundational work with I.T. | I.T Support for a Business | Travel Technology & API Service | Web & APPS Development | Digital Marketing and SEO.“

Why we do Foundational work?

Education is one of the most powerful weapons in fighting poverty. Our country is world’s one of the most populated country and job market are very competitive. So the young generation lives a frustrated life after graduation which is a vital issue to convert a person in a negative way. We believe everyone has the talent and Online is a source of earning and a platform to prove their self. zoo InfoTech is an I.T. firm who provides this Informations without cost and Free Basic career development courses. Our main goal to remove unemployment from our nation. So if the money problem solves 98% problem solve. Everyone can solve their problem, just they need support, proper education system, and training. That’s we are connecting with foundational work.

Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd. official website is www.zooholiday.com and we provide the best prices for Worldwide Air ticket, Hotel Booking, Holiday Packages, and Worldwide Tourist Visa Assistance facilities from Bangladesh. We always provide travel information and services via phone and social media and Email. We ensure to provide better services in a short time frame, which make difference to other travel agents. That’s why we are Top Travel Agent in Bangladesh market, Who has over 160 sub travel agents and a lot of corporate. Our “corporate deal with various airlines” is very famous in the Bangladeshi travel industry, that’s why Travel agents to corporate choose us.

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