10 Essential Tips for Packing for a Business trip

10 Essential Tips for Packing for a Business trip

Business travel can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. Whether you are bringing a Mini Projector or Packing a Custom Model Display for your presentation, making sure you are prepared for the unexpected is very important. There is nothing worst than looking for a set of bulbs for your project or glue gun sticks for your display.  It’s best to cover all the possible scenarios and packing wisely. Items that can be easily purchased locally should be less of a concern. The list below is the 15 top rules in ensuring a successful business trip. 



  1. Pack all your Gadgets in one Back:  Keeping all your electronics together will ensure you can find them easily. There is nothing worst than trying to look for your iPhone charger or power cable for your laptop. Store them in large zip lock backs for easy access or use a mini pouch to keep them organized. 


  1. Charge all your Gadget to 100% and bring backup power: Some airline travel can take up to 16 hours of travel time. Making sure your phone, laptop and pads are fully charged will give you more time to surf the web, chat with loved ones and enjoy your trip.  Different Model Aircraft offer different amenities. Some of the older planes or budget airlines don’t offer USB power in their Aircraft. 


  1. Obtain roaming access: In today’s Tech society, it’s important to stay connected in the region you are traveling to. Roaming fees can add up, so buying a $20 sim card for your 7-day trip can save a ton of money. If you are traveling internationally, this will be even more critical. 


  1. Print your Documents:  Travel is always associated with Reservations, tickets, Itineraries and more.  I like to print a copy handy that I can give to the Airline Ticket Agent or Hotel Reception.  I find it quite awkward to hand my phone to someone and risk the chance of dropping my phone. Having everything printed out definitely has its advantages. 


  1. Pack a travel kit:   These are emergency survival essentials that can save your trip from a disaster and nightmare.  Bring some headache medicine, skin medication, Allergy pills, wet wipes and minor accessories that can be a lifesaver.  Even a few Tums Tablets can go a long way when dealing with acid reflex.  


  1. Take Care of your body: Packing some multivitamins and vitamin C tablets can help your body recover from the Fast Food Taco Bells and Junk food you will be consuming.  If your going to a hot and humid area, bring some baby power and extra deodorant. Your health is also very important to keep you on the go. Bring comfortable shoes and extra cushions too. 


  1. Layer your Clothing: Maintaining a neutral pallet and choosing an array of clothes that can be mixed and matched will allow you to adjust for temperature changes and unexpected weather. 


  1. Bring Small Currency: Having small One dollar bills, five-dollar bills and tens are convenient for tipping and small expenses.  This is especially important when traveling overseas. I always save my small bills for future use.  


  1. Bring some Gifts from Abroad: Its always a good gesture to bring something imported or special for the people you will be meeting.  Bring something that is not commonly found in the location or country you are visiting. For example, in Japan, they sell a variety of KitKat bars only found in Japan.  I especially like the Green Tea flavor. 


  1. Have a Local Plan: Make sure you save a little time to have lunch at a recommended diner or visit a special local hotspot enjoyed by the locals.  Integrate some personal time and fun into the trip. 


As a busy executive, I have personally collected more than 20+ tips from my business travel.  If you would like to see the rest of the 24 tips, visit my aircraft model blog.   Having traveled to well over 40 countries around the globe, I like to think I have collected a lot of lessons learned during my many journeys.  May you have a pleasant business trip to your next destination. Don’t forget to have a little fun in the process. 

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