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Qatar Airways 250th Airbus A350-900

Qatar Airways 250th Airbus A350-900 Qatar Airways the Best Airlines in the Middle East has launched their 250th Airbus A350-900. They are reputed for the last 22 year services. The celebration has done on 20th March 2019. This 250th aircraft fleet is fly from direct Toulouse. The carrier fleets of Qatar Airways: The 250th Airbus A350-900 had made a lineup with direct aircraft state of Qatar Airways. The average age of their fleet is less than five years and is made up of 203 passenger jets, 22 Qatar executive jets, and 25 cargo planes. In the celebration of launching this new Airbus the [...]

World’s Best Beaches

World’s Best Beaches Of 2019

World’s Best Beaches Of 2019   Every year millions of traveler going for tours in many places and beach lovers are searching for the world’s best beaches. Travelers do not only visit a place but also they admire things. The world biggest travel site Trip Advisor is always tried to get feedback and opinion from travelers. Base on the traveler reviews and choice Trip advisor gives traveler’s choice awards every year. This award is given in many different categories. This year the Traveler’s Choice Awards is declared by Trip Advisor. According to traveler’s choice and feedback this year we get the world’s [...]

Award Winner Hotels

Award Winning Hotels Of 2019

Award Winning Hotels Of 2019 Award winning hotels of 2019 – Every year some hotels get an award based on travelers reviews and feedback. According to Trip Advisor last 17 years, they give awards in different categories. This award is named as Travelers Choice Awards. Every year travelers give a millions number of opinion for hotels and this opinion or reviews make a hotel winner in the category of Award winning Hotels. Now a day Trip advisor regularly gives this kind of award in 9catagory. They are top Hotels Overall, Luxury, Bargain, Small, Best Service, B&Bs and Inns, Romance, Family, and [...]

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