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We maintain the whole travel business with many airlines and travel agencies API. The aviation and travel sector fully connected with GDS as well. So we have connected our system with GDS API and NON-GDS Airlines API. We have four business module, have look for details:

  • B2B Travel Portal: This portal is connected with all airlines and GDS API.
  • B2B GDS Portal: This is a product of a global distribution system, It’s a web view booking system. You have to collect your login details from us.
  • B2B Airlines portal login is a product for travel agents, we provide SUB – Agent id who as per requirement. You have to collect login details from us.
  • We provide API and white labels for our Blog Partners. In fact, we support developing travel websites or blogs.

B2B Travel Portal

our B2B travel portal is a solution for all API-connected portals. Where we connected all airlines and GDS API. Registration is much easier. Just with a few clicks, you can register our B2B travel portal. For details: click here. Benefits of our B2B program: 7% Discounts out of 7% commission, only service charge applicable.

Sub Agent Requirements:
Please go through the files for our requirements for sub-agents.we need all of your documents to be our sub-agents. If you are interested to be our subagent please come with those documents to our office. and you can also contact this no:

Call or whatsapp:+8801678569298 | Email: support@zoo.family

B2B GDS Portal

Our B2B GDS portal is a portal of web GDS browser. With a request or registration,  you will get a login and can book your air ticket. GDS means A global distribution system (GDS) is a computerized network system owned or operated by a company that enables transactions between travel industry service providers, mainly airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel agencies.

How GDS is used by a travel agent?

The Global Distribution System (GDS) is a primary reservation tool for travel agents. GDS is a network that enables travel agencies and their clients to access travel data, shop for and compare reservation options and book travel.

There are 3 GDS Systems mainly. Here is all the GDS web browser portal where you can book with few clicks.

  • Sabre [you can register your own, After booking you receive a payment link]
  • Travelport ( Galileo, Worldspan) [for login id and password you need to call us:+8801768232311]
  • Amadeus [for login id and password you need to call us:+8801768232311]

B2B Airlines portal login

If you need any specific airline portal login you may knock us. Many airlines not connected with GDS in that case we provide sub id.  We will create a sub login for you. for details WhatsApp or call this number: +8801768232311.

If you looking for an OTA portal package then have a look at our – DEMO

How We Work With Travel Agents:

  • Buy our OTA packages and set them up in your domain
  • Markup your profit ratio and percentage from the OTA.
  • You also can connect your own I’D or GDS PCC into your OTA.
  • You can set up a B2B and B2C Module and can markup as per your wish.
  • You can integrate your own payment gateway.
  • You can set multiple currencies.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Real-time access to online bookings, availability of stock
  • Automated bookings confirmation
  •  commissions rebate for Travel agents and Corporates
  • Availability 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year
  • Your payment gateways integration.
  • Post  or pertial payments facilities for Travel agents

Our Projects are –  zooFamily | Airways Office | Travel News Bangladesh | Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd | zoo Info Tech

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