Bangkok Airways Baggage Information

Bangkok Airways Baggage Information details is here.

Checked Baggage


ClassAdult & ChildInfant
Economy Class20 kilograms10 kilograms
Premium Economy30 kilograms10 kilograms
Blue Ribbon Class (Business Class)40 kilograms10 kilograms


Unchecked Baggage


Aircraft TypeBaggage DimensionMaximum Weight
ATR7250 x 36 x23 centimeter5 kilograms
Airbus 31956 x 36 x23 centimeter5 kilograms
Airbus 32056 x 36 x23 centimeter5 kilograms


Excess Baggage

Excess baggage charge depends on routes.



Bangkok Airways Baggage Information

2Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam
3Hong Kong , South East Asia
4India, Maldives, Japan, China
5Other than above except US/CA


Missing or Damaged Baggage:

For missing or damaged baggage passenger must contact to the local Bangkok Airways Baggage Service desk or the representative of the airlines while still at the airport. The airways stuff will handle the matter and you will receive a written confirmation with a reference number.


Baggage Restrictions:

If the battery of the smart baggage is removable then with the limitation of weight and dimension it can be allowed as cabin but if the baggage is non-removable then the bag will not be permitted in Bangkok Airways Airline.

The items that may harm the safety is strictly prohibited to carry both on checked and carryon baggage.

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