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Top places in Bangladesh, Sundarban

<” class=”TPAutoLinks” >” class=”TPAutoLinks” >p” class=”TPAutoLinks” >>Prior to India in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh is an Asian country, marked with many waterways. Its Padma (Ganges), Meghna and Jamuna streams frame prolific fields and are common by pontoon on the south coast, the Sundarbans, an expansive mangrove woodland shared with Eastern India, domestic to the regal Bengal tiger. It is a beautiful beauty. Seeing the natural beauty of it, I feel as if I am watching. The mind goes in the morning. Apart from this Sundarbans, there are many interesting places in Bangladesh that look like I am in paradise. And to see these sights, Beautiful Bangladeshs’ best travel agency in Dhaka Bangladesh is your best choice. We will show you all the sights of this country in your mind.

Travel is such a fun name. The name of travel says anyone seems to be going somewhere. The Beautiful Place of Bangladesh are:

1. Cox’s Bazar

Cox’x Bazar is one of the most Beautiful Places of Bangladesh. Called Panova, it is the longest (125 km) common and sandy beach. Cox’s Bazaar is the largest among the most natural SEA beaches in the world. And looking at the beauty of the country, I feel as if I am enjoying a foreign land. Cox’s Bazar is available in Chittagong Division. ‘Panova’ literally means ‘yellow flower’. Cox’s Bazar Local Headquarters.

Cox’s Bazar is regarded as the most extended target of the visitors of Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar is well known for its custom made cigars and labour intensive work. Bangladesh’s primary safari stop.

Cox’s Bazar

2. Saint Martin

Since Saint Martin was the coral island of Bangladesh, the island of the holy man Martin is very small and occupies about 8 square kilometres in the area. Found near the island of Chora, it was started by some obscure sailors in the Middle East under the name Jajira. Dawn and dusk, exotic city life, sea turtle incubation centre, coral reef and many stars at night are some of the most fascinating places to visit. Here are some interesting exercises for angling, maritime scuba plumbing and walking along the beach.

3. Kuakata

Kuakata is seen in the southern part of Bangladesh. All the magnificent views and notice of the seashore make Kuakata one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bangladesh. Nightingale and dawn can be seen in their splendid glory from the wide sandy shoreline of Kuakata. Fadra Thor (part of the Sundarbans), Gangamati Save Woodland, Zhou Forest (Timberland), Keranipara Border Sanctuary, Misripara Buddhist Sanctuary and Eco-stop are well known to residents and outsiders. Kuakata is called the queen of Bangladesh.



4. Sundarban

The Sundarbans is truly known around the world for the ‘beautiful forest’ tidal halophytic mangrove timberland. In this exotic forest, a few narrative films have been made. Sundarbans could be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main part of this is in Bangladesh; Some of it also falls under the Indian domain. Frequently secured with the Timberland, this is considered one of the biggest savings the Regal Bengal Tiger has to offer. Elegant green and aquatic animals such as aquatic animals, aquatic animals, predators and reptiles include the Sundarbans National Stop, the Sundarbans West Natural Life Sanctuary, the Sundarbans South Natural Life Sanctuary, and the Sajankhali Natural Life Shelter.

Best Travel Agency in Dhaka Bangladesh


5. Rangamati

Bandarban, truly ‘Monkey Dam’, is a region of Bangladesh in the Chittagong Division tract. After the Chittagong Slope Tract Rebellion, it has grown into one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Bangladesh. The excellent mountain range enhances the general excellence of the environment. The largest Buddhist sanctuary in Bangladesh, known as Buddhist Metal Jadi, has been decorated in Bandarban. Shoello Propot Falls in Milanchari; Some Buddhist sanctuaries such as Ujnipara Bihar and Raj Bihar; Crests like the eucalyptus and Sanchi also make the visitors’ eyes look awful.

6. Mahasthangarh, BograBogra is found in the Rajshahi Division of Bangladesh and is known as one of the largest cities in Bangladesh. Due to the hot spot of travellers and the rise of domestic and external visitors, Bogra is considered as one of the beats travellers of Bangladesh. The old city archaeological site Mahasthangarh, Bashur House in Behula, the royal residence of Nawab and Jaina Sanctuary are some of the fascinating places for tourists of Bogra.

BEst Travel Agncy in Dhaka Bangladesh

Mahasthangarh, Bogra

8. Malonichora Tea garden, Sylhet

This living nature of Beautiful Place of Bangladesh seems to have spread its green carpet under the sky. High-low growth, the arrival of improvement in the green plains that are bound to the height. Except for the road to the unexpected nation is missing. There is no mechanical contamination in some places to enhance the silver wellspring. It shows an extraordinary combination of ordinary vastness. The tea plant in Sylhet is immersed in such endless excellence. Sylhet is consistently popular for tea. 90% of the tea is supplied in Sylhet. Although the kingdom of Sylhet is dominated by general excellence, the tea plant has enhanced its glory. Mallonichora Tea Plant One of them is the Sylhet tea plant immersed in such eternal excellence.

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