Become an IATA Travel Agent  Bangladesh

There are a few steps to follow in order to apply for IATA accreditation:
    1. Ensure you meet the local criteria as specified. For example, Business trade license, and civil aviation certificate
    2. Select your country of application below and read carefully the Application Guide
    3. Submit your application as specified in the Application Guide for your country​​
    4. Pay the Accreditation fee as specified in the ‘Application Guide ‘ (Agents in Europe, Middle East, and Africa: you will be contacted for payment once your application has been accepted)
    5. For any question and support, please register and login to our Customer Portal.

    Fo your IATA Support or help you may call or Whatsapp +8801977569292

    1.GoLite Agent

    The GoLite accreditation option allows agents to transact with airlines through IATA’s BSP exclusively using the IATA EasyPay and Card forms of payment.  And since there’s no Cash facility (deferred payments), GoLite agents can benefit from IATA accreditation with fewer financial requirements.GoLite Accreditation is simpler than other options.

    First, there is no minimum financial security. In addition, agents under this model are not subject to annual financial reviews and don’t have to submit audited financial statements to IATA. This can bring substantial cost savings for smaller agents. If you are interested in becoming a GoLite agent, apply through IATA’s Customer Portal.

    2. GoStandard Agent

    GoStandard accreditation is based on traditional IATA accreditation. This model allows agents to be accredited in a Billing Settlement Plan (BSP) with access to all payment methods, including BSP Cash and BSP Card. In addition to these, GoStandard agents are now able to use a virtual wallet solution called IATA EasyPay. GoStandard agents continue to be subject to the local financial criteria and those requirements applicable in the BSP market of their accreditation. However, with the implementation of NewGen ISS, a new risk management framework applies. Importantly, as part of this new risk management framework, all GoStandard agents are assigned a Remittance Holding Capacity (RHC) – a monetary threshold for an agent’s outstanding Cash sales to the BSP. The RHC is intended to create a safer selling environment and will be calculated with sufficient room for a year over year growth so that the majority of agents are unlikely to reach their respective thresholds. In the event that the RHC is reached, agents are able to continue issuing tickets using IATA EasyPay and BSP Card.

    3. GoGlobal Agent

    GoGlobal accreditation offers a one-stop-shop for large, international travel agencies, allowing them to maintain a single accreditation for all the Billing Settlement Plans (BSPs) in which they participate. This accreditation option delivers significant operational efficiencies for multi-country agencies by enabling them to streamline their accreditation processes and to comply with a single set of global financial requirements. GoGlobal-accredited agents have access to all available payment methods: BSP Cash, BSP Card and IATA EasyPay, a new e-wallet solution for agents.

    Under GoGlobal accreditation, the entire agent group is subject to global financial criteria, established in Resolution 812. This includes a quarterly financial review of the parent entity under the Multi-Country Assessment Framework. The parent also takes on full legal and financial responsibility for the agency group. If the agent fails the quarterly review, the parent is required to provide the financial security covering the sales at risk for all of the group’s locations.

    How much does IATA certification cost in Bangladesh?
    Pay the required accreditation fee, which is $165 if you are self-employed or work for a private agency. The fee is $360 if you work for a corporate travel department. Pay the accreditation fee in U.S. dollars. Receive your full accreditation as a licensed IATA travel agent. Remember the IATA fee is non-refundable so we suggest you an expert who does all these with a minimum fee 200$ (Application  procedures fees), so for your support call or Whatsapp +8801977569292

    Click here Apply for Accreditation and here you find documentation and 3 step to become an IATA agent:

    1.An agreement Form (click and download):

    You need to download and make a sign after reading. As well IATA needs all of the supporting documents.

    2. signup and login your IATA portal.

    3. documentation as per checklist and submit to IATA

    Checklist to Become an IATA Travel Agent for Bangladesh

    Guidance for applying:

    While completing your application, please refer to:

    In order to become an IATA Accredited Agent, you need to understand the Travel Agent’s Handbook Resolution 812.

    Legal Business Entity

    1. If a Company
      1. Notarized Certificate of Incorporation
      2. Article & Memorandum of Association
      3. Form X – Annual Summary of Share Capital & list of Shareholders
      4. Form XII – Registrar of Companies for appointment of director
      5. Passport copies/Photo IDs of all shareholders
    2. If a Partnership
      1. Notarized copy of registered partnership deed
      2. Passport copies/Photo IDs of all the partners
    3. If a Sole Proprietor
      1. Passport copy/Photo ID of the Sole Proprietor

    Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism Registration certificate: Must be notarized and renewed for the current year.

    Trade Registration from City Corporation: Must be notarized and renewed for the current year.

    Staff Ticketing Certificate: Proof of employment of competent and qualified employees with the ability to sell international air transportation and issue electronic travel documents and report to the BSP (Employment letter and/or GDS/Airlines Ticketing Certificate)

    Sample of Company Letterhead: need sample letterhead.

    PCI DSS Certificate: Please be advised that the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) applies to any organization, regardless of size or number of transactions, that accepts, transmits or stores any cardholder data.

    As per the PCI DSS guidelines, compliance and validation for PCI DSS vary according to the number of transactions handled by the merchant. All merchants will fall into one of the four merchant levels based on credit transaction volume over a 12-month period, with level 1 having the highest (over 6M transactions per year) and level 4 the least (fewer than 20,000 transactions per year).

    In order to help you to ensure your full compliance with the PCI DSS, as provided by the Card companies, we would like to encourage you to visit our dedicated PCI DSS webpage in which you will find all the necessary information to help your business in any PCI DSS related matter.

    Nevertheless, this is to inform you that in the event you are not intending to accept, transmit or store any cardholder data you can submit the Nil Credit Card Self-Declaration instead from this link.

    In case you don’t proof your compliance with PCI DSS, please note that member Airlines will be notified.

    English translations: If a document is in local language, a translation in English is required. All the translation documents must be notarized by Notary Public.

    Travel Agent’s Handbook: Please download the accreditation criteria from the latest version of the Travel Agent’s Handbook Resolution 8124.Complete Application Form with section wise.

    SECTION 1 – Identification of Agency for which Approval Requested
    SECTION 2 – General Information
    SECTION 3 – Agency Contacts
    SECTION 4 – Security of Electronic Tickets
    SECTION 5 – Other Information
    5. Upload your documents.
    • Legal Business Entity
    • Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism Registration certificate
    • Trade Registration from City Corporation
    • Staff Ticketing Certificate
    • Sample of Company Letterhead
    • PCI DSS Certificate
    • If anything missing do not hesitated to  call or Whatsapp +8801977569292
    • If a document is in foreign language, a translation in English is required. All the translation documents must be notarized by Notary Public.

    6. Submit to IATA


    Travel Agent Accreditation Benefits:

    • Access to IATA airline members with a single Sales Agency Agreement which authorizes the sale of international and/or domestic tickets
    • Access to IATA’s Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP), an efficient interface for invoicing and payment between the agent, airlines and transport providers
    • Unique identification throughout the global travel industry with the “IATA Numeric Code”
    • Use of the “IATA Accredited Agent” logo providing visibility and credibility on premises and website
    • Professional recognition – eligible agency employees can apply for the IATA/IATAN ID Card – giving access to travel suppliers’ concessionary offers
    • Standardized procedures to ensure fair dealings with the airlines


“Travel Tips”

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