Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa Requirements

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. Its countryside is home to medieval lakes, rivers and villages, in addition to the Dinaric Alps that are craggy.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa Requirements

National capital Sarajevo has a well preserved old quarter, Baščaršija, with landmarks like 16th-century Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque. Ottoman-era Latin Bridge is the website of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which sparked World War I.

Assistance regarding Visa application process:

Visa Assistant Manager: Shafiuddin Ahmed (Tuhin)

Mobile: (+88) 01678569293 , (+88) 01678569296

Email: [email protected]

There is no Embassy or Consulate office of Bosnian & Herzegovinian in Dhaka. Bangladeshi citizens require to apply to nearest Embassy which is in India.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa Requirements

Bosnian-Herzegovinian Embassy in New Delhi, India

E-9/11, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi-110057
Telephone: (+91) 11 2614 7415, +91-11-41662481,
Fax: (+91) 11 5166 2482
E-mail: [email protected]

Short Term Visa:

Whilst employing in the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Embassy all candidates have to sit for a meeting. If the applicant can provide justification he/she can use on the permission via a third party. If the inviter can justify of being not able to travel India for visa program concerning applicant’s position, a permission may be provided by the embassy. Check our another visa related post.

The following documents need to submit:

  1. Passport (valid at least 3 months following the visa expiry date);
  2. A completed Visa Application Form (no corrections please);
  3. One passport size photo;
  4. Supporting documents: Invitation letter/full paid Hotel voucher/ & Bank statement for Three (3) Months, Travel insurance, Return Flight tickets.

The minimum amount of financial resources required for the stay of foreigners on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is KM 150.00 (or equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency) – for each day of the intended stay.

Purpose of visit:

  1. An original invitation letter by a Bosnia and Herzegovina citizen.
  2. A Portion of a travel services.
  3. Sufficient funds to cover the cost of total tour plan.
  4. Transportation mode.
  5. A return air-ticket.
  6. Employment certificate or student ID card.

For any Countries visa assist query please call at (+88) 01678569293

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