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Whether you are a developer, a startup, or a leading travel brand, Amadeus APIs allow you to build high-quality apps. You can test, explore, build, and deliver apps to the market quickly.


How do I get an API for Amadeus?

  1. Discover Self-Service APIs. You can find all our APIs in our API catalog.
  2. Set up your account. The first step to start using Amadeus Self-Service APIs is to register and create an account.
  3. Get your API key.
  4. Make your first call.
  5. Go live!

What are API and its purpose?

API is an application programming interface. APIs are used for a product or service rebranding with other products and services by the implementation as per its documentation. This can simplify by web development and show the data and book the product or service from the data. 

How do I get a travel API?

Here are some popular APIs that you can get free or paid. Airlines never give a free API, because every API comes with a charge, and airlines need to pay that charge. On the other hand, it’s expensive, Travel Technology or solutions are included with API (flights, hotels, buses, trains, and points of interest).

Buy Amadeus API | Amadeus API Price

If you need an exact airline API then you need to contact with zooFamily – Online Travel Community or The individual Airlines technical team. All kinds of travel API implementation support are provided by Zoo Travel Technology, Which is an authorized technical team of Sabre, Travelport, and Amadeus. Airways Office, Travelzoo BD Ltd, GDS, Airlines, Hotels, and Zoo Travel Technology supports zooFamilyto to build this OTA software.

What is OTA Software? 

OTA means Online Travel Agency. In short OTA software helps you to connect with your all travel agents, Airlines, GDS, hotel booking, and airlines flight. An OTA software is very expensive to build api because API is very expensive to create the API link And to implement an API need well knowledgeable “travel technology” team. To know zooFamily OTA Software and its demo, click here.

Amadeus API Price:

  1. Amadeus API Fee 250$
  2. Sabre API HX remover cost 250$
  3. Sabre API Consultation Fee 150$

Amadeus API Requirement:

  1. Trade License
  2. National ID
  3. Agreement Paper
  4. A main PCC or Sub PCC
  5. For PCC ID (2000USD security money or Bank guarantee)

Why Use Amadeus API From zooFamily?

  • zooFamily is a school of travel inventory and technology.
  • Its organizers have several IATA by the name of Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd., Airways Office, and a travel technology company by the name of zoo Travel Technology.
  • We also provide Sabre training and consultancy to improve your career.
  • The company gives 24/7 customer support to B2B travel agents.
  • Credit facility and Ticket booking requests for particular airlines and budget carriers that are not available on Amadeus.

Why Amadeus API?

  • Amadeus API is the largest GDS in the world. Its market share is 40%.
  • It covers more than 490 airlines out of 800 airlines worldwide.

Amadeus API integration

Amadeus GDS is the largest distribution system that connects users to over 700 airlines for seat and cargo reservations. It also integrates with Sabre and Travelport GDSs. Via its GDS, Amadeus provides an application for business booking Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense, an app that allows users to search and book flights via mobile, and Amadeus Air-Rail Display for real-time booking for both rail and air travel. As the world’s largest GDS, Amadeus provides a huge number of booking APIs that are available in two sets: Enterprise and Self-service.

Enterprise APIs provide all transportation types, hotels, and ancillary services reservations, as well as payments. This set of APIs is available for production needs. Enterprise APIs work in REST/JSON and SOAP/XML formats. The flight API allows users to:

  • Find fares
  • Access flight info
  • Book ancillary services (including travel insurance)
  • Pay for tickets
  • Get utility information
  • Receive a sales report

Also, these APIs have customer profiles and queue management solutions. There also are several APIs for every type of distribution, either for booking or information retrieval – suitable only for displaying flight schedules and the lowest fares. The pricing of Enterprise APIs is available on request and depends upon the client’s needs.

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