Read about Top Places in United Arab Emirates

             Top Places in United Arab Emirates There’s no lack of reasons why you should visit the United Arab Emirates. This small country placed in the Persian Gulf is home to the highest building in the world. The United Arab Emirates is a modern and richest country immersed in culture and history. There have many top places in United Arab Emirates, where traditionalism meets modernism and technology is compact with traditional values. Dubai: Everyone in the world [...]

Top places in Italy,Rome

Top places in Italy

Top places in Italy Welcome to Italy European country with an extended Mediterranean coastline, has left a strong mark on Western culture and cuisine. Its capital, Rome, is home to the Vatican also as landmark art and ancient ruins. Beside Greece, it’s acknowledged because the birthplace of Western culture.Home to several of the world’s greatest works of art, architecture and gastronomy, Italy elates, inspires and moves like no other.Italy’s fortes extend beyond its galleries, wardrobes and dining rooms. The country is [...]