Civil aviation ministry issues vaccination norms

KOCHI: The ministry of civil aviation has issued a set of guidelines to facilitate. The vaccination program in the aviation sector in an efficient manner.

The ministry, which asked the state government to consider the people working in the civil aviation sector. And all related services as a priority group for vaccination, directed airport operators to set up a dedicated vaccination center at their respective airports
“During the surge of Covid- 19, the aviation community has risen to the occasion. To provide unhindered service of the movement of people in need and critical medical cargo like a vaccine medicines, oxygen concentrators, etc. Aviation community has worked overtime to ensure unhindered services for the movement of people in need and essential cargo. To ensure their safety and to avoid any delays, MoCA has issued enabling guidelines. To facilitate their vaccination program in a fast and efficient manner, “said the ministry”.
 The chairman of the airport’s authority of India will hold a regular meeting to review the progress and coordinate with the ministry/DGCA to address issues/challenges. if there is an issue, the ministry would take it up at the appropriate level/ for a smooth supply. said the ministry.