Civil Aviation Registration for Travel Agency or Apply for Civil Aviation in Bangladesh

civil aviation

Aviation is one of the most important flying authority organization. This organization represents every non-military flying organizations. Every country has its own civil aviation company who is responsible for the rules and regulations of every non-military flying.

This includes all commercial, non-commercial and cargo flying. Every country national civil aviation authority is member of the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO) to ensure common standards & recommended practice. This is the responsible authority to control and establish rules for every non-military flying organization. This also includes travel agencies.

Travelling is getting more popular day by day. This leads to growing many travel agencies nowadays. So it is necessary to establish some rules and regulations for the agencies that lead to a disciplined travel agency business and flying.

Now, we will discuss the process of how to apply for civil aviation registration in Bangladesh. And also will inform about the required documents.

First of all, to register in civil aviation one need to go to their official website. or you can start this work contractually with zooFamily, here is phone no or WhatsApp: +8801312569290

Civil Aviation Registration for Travel Agency or Apply for Civil Aviation in Bangladesh

Click here to go to the registration link directly

Civil Aviation Registration Process Bangladesh:

Under user information of the registration form, you have to input the required information’s. Which starts with the user name. Followed by Designation, nationality, NID number, birth date, present & permanent address. Then you have to input all contact information. Then you have to upload the application form in pdf format. The application should be written in the official pad.

Civil Aviation Registration for Travel Agency – Required Documents:

After successful completion of the registration process, need to submit the legal documents. These include,

  • Company seal and signature of the MD or Proprietor
  • Company trade license
  • TIN certificate
  • Signature of three employees who are currently working with the company
  • Bank statement & Solvency certificate ( Amount should be minimum 10 lac or more)
  • Visiting card
  • Photo

Call or Whatsapp for Civil Aviation Registration: +8801312569290

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