Dhaka to Jassore Flight | Buy Cheap Air Ticket From Dhaka

Dhaka to Jassore Air Ticket & Price

Dhaka to Jassore Flight | Buy Cheap Air Ticket From Dhaka

Thousands of visitors travel to Jassore. Every year lot of travelers go to Jassore for business and pleasure purposes. Book your flight to Jassore with zooFamily – Travel Agents Community! You can book in advance with them, we found they provide the best price in the market for air tickets. The most effective way to assure that your entire travel experience goes well. zooFamily – Travel Agents Community helps to pick the right flight as per your choice.

If you want to go from Dhaka to Jassore, you should choose the air route. Here’s all you need to know about it. Flights from Dhaka to Jassore would cost you at least 3,300 BDT. This price may go up to 4500 BDT. Travelzoobd customers always have a hassle-free travel experience. You may be sure of a pleasant flight with its PNR status check, Web check-in feature and customer support. So buy Dhaka to Jassore air ticket and rest while we take you to your desired destination.

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Dhaka to Jassore Flight Information:

  • Aerial distance: 144 KM
  • Total flights from Dhaka to Jassore in a week: 21 flights
  • Popular Airlines from Dhaka to Jassore: Us Bangla Airlines, Regent Airways, Biman Bangladesh and Novoair
  • Airport codes flights from Dhaka to Jassore: Dhaka – DAC, Jassore – JSR
  • Time of Dhaka to Jassore flights: 00h 35m

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the cheapest flights from Dhaka to Jassore?

Flights from Dhaka to Jassore have different prices depending on the date and time of your booking. On Travelzoobd, you can discover the cheapest flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays by analyzing data from all airlines.

When is the first flight from Dhaka to Jassore scheduled to leave?

The first flight leaves Dhaka (DAC) at 08:00 and arrives at 08:45 in Jassore.

How many airports are in Jassore?

Jassore has one airport: Jassore Airport.

Is it possible for me to bring my own food during the flight from Dhaka to Jassore?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own food. It should, however, be well wrapped.

What are the names and codes for the airports in Dhaka and Jassore?

Dhaka’s airport is known as Zia International Airport and has the code DAC, whereas Jassore’s airport is known as Jassore Airport and has the code JSR.

How long does it take to fly from Dhaka to Jassore?

The typical nonstop flight from Dhaka to Jassore is about 35 minutes long.

From Dhaka to Jassore, which airlines are the most popular?

The most popular airlines on the Dhaka-Jassore flight route are Us Bangla Airlines, Regent Airways, Biman Bangladesh and Novoair.

What is the cheapest flight from Dhaka to Jassore?

Biman Bangladesh Airlines offers the cheapest airfare from Dhaka to Jassore for 3,300 BDT.

Is a passport required for travel between Dhaka and Jassore Airport?

Yes, you will very certainly be required to provide a valid passport before boarding the plane in Dhaka and upon arrival at Jassore Airport.

When traveling from Dhaka to Jassore Airport in Jassore, which airports will I be using?

Jassore Airport is the only airport in Jassore, while Dhaka Zia International is the only airport in Dhaka.

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