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Dhaka to Los Angeles Flight

Los Angeles, the movie city in the USA, is the cultural, financial, commercial and economic centre of Southern California. This city is very renowned for natural beauty, architectural landmarks, famous restaurants, Mediterranean climate, Hollywood Industry and sprawling metropolis. Therefore, if you’re travelling West Coast USA or eager to explore something new, then it’s the best choice to get LA! Numerous airlines operate a number of flights every day on Dhaka to Los Angeles Flight Route. So, it’s not so much tough to make a comfortable Dhaka to Los Angeles Flight.

Book with Emirates for Dhaka to Los Angles:

Book your preferred Dhaka to Los Angeles Flights with Emirates and enjoy comfortable air journey. Emirates don’t offer only fly but offer the best fly. So, discover Los Angeles with Emirates Airline and have an unforgettable holiday. In Los Angeles, you’ll find Silver Lake, with its food trucks, record stores and farmers’ markets; Echo Park, an edgy mix of hipsters and young artists; and Korea town, which the locals call K-town. Also, Emirates provides you with one of the world’s fastest-growing airlines all over the world. Based in Dubai, Emirates connects people all over the world to a network of over 150 destinations. So, we recommend flying from Dhaka to Los Angeles with Emirates Airline.

Dhaka to Los Angeles Flight Schedule:

We’ve searched on the internet for Schedule and found that a large number of airlines operate lots on flights on this route. You’ll find various flights on this route on various days in the week.

How much for a Dhaka to Los Angels Flight:

Fare Prices for Dhaka to Los Angeles Flights depend on which date you’re going to fly. Prices differ from time to time and airlines apply fares at different dates. We’ve visited many airline websites and found that the average prices  US$646 to US$2,768.

Cheap Flight from Dhaka to Los Angeles:

We’ve searched a lot to get a cheap price. And we’ve found that Emirates, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines offer the cheapest fare prices. Therefore, book your preferred one to have an amazing air journey.

      Airline        Departure(DAC)     Arrival(LAX)     Duration         Date         Price                     Flights

Emirates               01:00am             12:45pm      25h 45m     12 Dec,18     US$ 1,680      round-trip(1 stop)

Emirates              6:40am                12:45pm       32h 05m      12 Dec,18     US$ 1,680      roundtrip(1 stop)

Qatar Airways     7:00pm               1:20pm         32h 20m        12 Dec,18    US$ 1,915     roundtrip(1 stop)

Turkish Airlines  10:35pm              04:45pm      32h 10m         12 Dec,18     US$ 2,140     roundtrip(1 stop)

How long flight time?

In case you’ve planned to fly from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Los Angeles, United States or if you are just curious to know the flight time between Dhaka and Los Angeles, then here you’ll find the latest the information you are looking for. The standard flight length between Dhaka to Los Angeles is 19 hours and 19 minutes. The closest airport to Dhaka is Shahjalal Intl Airport(DAC) and the closest airport to Los Angeles is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Dhaka to Los Angeles

How long distance?

The following map shows the distance between Dhaka, Bangladesh and Los Angeles, United States. The distance between Dhaka, Bangladesh and Los Angeles, United States is approximately 12,916 kilometers (8026 miles).

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Where to Cheap Tickets?

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