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Dhaka to Orlando Flight Cost

Orlando, the metropolitan city in the State of Florida, United States, is most known for Disney World and Universal. However, the beautiful city in the state of Florida has a lot more to offer!

The city is so beautiful and full of adventure that it is nicknamed “the City Beautiful.” With innumerable tourist attractions and adventure spots, the county set of Orange County is one of the world’s most visited cities.

If you are looking for an escape from the real world, Disneyland welcomes you with open arms.

You are sure to enjoy the warm climate, world-famous amusement parks, shopping malls, beaches, and golf courses. With all these fantastic sites, the city can be your picture-perfect holiday destination.

So, you are sure to have some magical experience, whether you are traveling alone, with family or friends.

There are numerous flights and flight options to make a comfortable and memorable journey from Dhaka to Orlando without busting your budget. We have done all the hard work to help you fly without worrying about the budget or flight schedule.

Before you plan further, have a minute to read the article and know all about Dhaka to Orlando Flight.

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What is the number of flights from DAC to MCO?

Many airlines are flying every day from Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka, to Orlando International Airport. Most popular airlines like Qatar Airways, Emirates, and JetBlue Airways fly multiple times a day.

Some fly directly to Orlando International Airport or Orlando Sanford International Airport, while others follow a route with one or two stops.

How Long is The Flight Time?

The distance from Dhaka to Orlando is 14140 kilometers approximately. You can find very few direct flights on this route.

In the case of connecting flights, the total flight time depends on the number of stops, stop locations, and the airline you fly. So, the flight time can vary from 18 hours to even 52 hours.

Average Cost of Dhaka to Orlando Flights

The flying cost depends on several factors, including which day you are traveling and how you are traveling. Typically, the cost of flying from Dhaka to Orlando ranges from $1000 to $8000. However, for a one-way trip, the average cost is $800-$900, and for a round trip, the average price can be $1300-$1400.

The price range also varies whether you are booking a direct flight or a multi-stop airline ticket. You can get a significantly cheaper deal if you choose a connecting flight or multi-stop ticket. However, you can face some inconvenience as well.

Keep in mind that the last-minute ticket bookings are always a bit expensive.

Cheapest Flights Dhaka to Orlando

For getting the cheapest deal of Dhaka to Orlando Flight, you need to look for several options on various sites. Or you can visit the Airways office to know all the available options. The ticket prices fluctuate a lot. While some airlines’ ticket prices are as high as $8000, there are other airlines like Qatar Airways, where you can get one within $1200. If you are traveling alone, the cheapest way to travel would be a one-way trip. Again, you probably won’t get the cheapest deal if you decide at the last minute. For the last minute booking, ticket prices range is increasing depending on which day you are traveling. Usually, the most affordable flight you can get on is on Saturday.

Moreover, the cheapest month to travel to Orlando from Dhaka is September, while February is the most expensive one.

Dhaka to Orlando, United States: Fly With Airways Office

Airways office, a reputed travel agency of Bangladesh, is an excellent source of travel information and travel guidelines. We research on your part and recommend you the best deal. Some of the popular airlines that fly from Dhaka to Orlando are- Biman Bangladesh Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Gulf Air Bahrain.

According to customer reviews and flight rates, the top airlines flying in the route are Qatar Airways and the Emirates.

Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways is one of the most favorites to tourists and travelers, for its affordable ticket prices and comfortable flying. It is one of the airlines with the most flights from Dhaka to Orlando. Qatar Airways is known for its cheap flight deals and its service, food, and comfortable flying.

If you are looking forward to a comfortable journey within your budget, fly with Qatar Airways.


If you are skeptical about how a long journey will turn out, feel free to fly with Emirates. Emirates makes sure that you not only have a comfortable journey but also enjoy the trip. The fastest-growing airline promises you the best flying experience, no matter which class you are traveling.

Moreover, the Emirates also offers you a travel guideline from experts regarding hotel and restaurant recommendations.

Dhaka to Orlando Air Ticket Office, Dhaka:

Airways Office is considered one of the best travel and ticketing agencies in Bangladesh. And you can reach us online as well! You can get all the visiting guidelines anywhere in the world from us! Not only that, we give you the best deal on flights and hotels by comparing all the available prices. Moreover, you can buy travel packages from us online if you want.

Don’t just go by our word. Compare the flight prices of  Dhaka to Orlando on our website yourself. You can also visit our Dhaka office and get a free consultation!

Can you visit Disneyland within your budget? Yes, with proper planning, you can enjoy your trip to the beautiful city in the State of Florida without breaking your bank. It allows you to enjoy all the theme parks, shopping malls, beaches, and golf courses. So don’t wait for the last minute bookings.

Check out this article to learn about the Dhaka to Orlando flights and get the Airways office’s cheapest deal.