El Salvador Visa Requirements

El Salvador suffers horribly from bad press. While gang violence still dominates international headlines and keeps so many adventurous travelers at bay the vast majority of this beautiful country remains untouched by the troubles.

El Salvador Visa Requirements

El Salvador is a Tiny Central American Country. It is famous for surf areas it’s Pacific Ocean beaches and landscape. Its Ruta de Las Flores is road coffee farms that are beyond, rainforests with cities and waterfalls like Juayúa, using its own weekend meals festival, also Ataco, residence to murals.  San Salvador, the capital, using a background of volcanoes, has the National Theater and museums.

Assistance regarding Visa application process:

Visa Assistant Manager: Shafiuddin Ahmed (Tuhin)

Mobile: (+88) 01678569293


There is no El Salvador embassy in Bangladesh, the nearest embassy of El Salvador which is in India, New Delhi.

But, for Bangladeshi travelers, the visa is issued by the DGM office in El Salvador. New Delhi Embassy does not help on this matter. Check our another Visa related post.

El Salvador Visa Requirements

VISA Process:

The travelers Must have a Salvadorian or foreign national Living Lawfully in the Republic of El Salvador as a counterpart (Guarantor), who’ll have to present the Proper request to the Bureau of Migration DGM Where the following Files have to be presented, among the Others:

Commitment Letter presented to the DGM by the Guarantor containing traveler’s information:

  1. Applicant’s name.
  2. Purpose of the travel.
  3. Travel duration.
  4. Accommodation details.
  5. ID and documents if guarantor.
  6. Passport having validity of at least 6 months.
  7. Free pages in the passport.
  8. CV of the applicant.
  9. Recently taken photographs.

For any Countries visa assist query please call at (+88) 01678569293

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