Honduras Visa Requirements

White beaches fringed by the world’s second largest barrier reef, jungle covered mountains cut by raft able white water rivers and home to an astounding number of bird species, exquisite Mayan ruins, colonial, cobblestone villages, fresh seafood grilled on the beach yes, all this is found in Honduras, a country often hurried through or avoided entirely due to its dangerous image.

Honduras Visa Requirements

Honduras is a Central American Nation with Caribbean Sea coastlines into the North West and the Pacific Ocean to the southWest. Honduras is a Central American Nation with Caribbean Sea coastlines into the North West and the Pacific Ocean to the southWest. From the rainforest near Guatemala, the ancient site Copán includes stelae rock monuments and hieroglyphics. Area destination that is a part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the Bay Islands.

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Bangladeshi countries need a visa to go into in Honduras. However, there’s not any Consulate or Embassy office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There is not any Honduras Embassy or consular office in New Delhi, India. If the candidate has Canada visa or a USA can find an entrance visa. If the candidate doesn’t have any legal USA or Canada visa, then the inviting party in Honduras should organize an Immigration Approval from Honduras Ministry of Home Affairs and send it to the applicant; together with the consent, S/he can find an on the birth visa.  Check our another visa related post.

Require documents:

  1. A valid passport for six months.
  2. Two recently taken passport size photographs.
  3. A visa application form fully filled with valid information.
  4. Travel documents and balance sufficiency.
  5. Confirmed air ticket
  6. If official tour, letter of absence must be submitted.
  7. Bank statement of last six months.
  8. Covering letter from the business organization if business tour.
  9. A yellow fever vaccination certification.

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