How Artificial Intelligence is changing the travel industry

How Artificial Intelligence is changing the travel industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has forever changed every aspect of our lives, the way we communicate, work, learn, build, create, buy, travel and perform everyday tasks. With the support of automation and machine learning, AI has been able to become more advanced and reliable to businesses and consumers.
Most people don’t recognize the presence of AI and machine learning in our everyday lives. When in fact, this technology is applied every single day when we perform an online search, use social media, book a flight, use voice-enabled devices, get traffic predictions, receive smart email replies, use ride-sharing services, receive personalized suggestions, and get help with complex tasks.

Technology is disrupting many industries, and travel is one of them. Thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms, big data, analytics, automation, the internet of things and search engines, traveling have become much easier and has benefited consumers more than ever. Long gone are the days when travelers bought plane tickets on an airline counter, used road maps, spent hours booking hotels, and hailed taxis on the streets.
Think about the downsides of the trips you have made in the past. If you stayed in a hotel, have you ever been disappointed by customer service? Have you paid hefty travel agency fees? Or have you had a hard time finding the right vacation spot?
Travelers can now enjoy innovations such as personalized destination recommendations, hotel suggestions, real-time GPS maps, AI-based ticket booking systems, on-the-go price comparisons for travelers, facial recognition checkpoints, translation devices, keyless rooms, price-matching programs and much more. An even more convenient feature that AI provides is that it suggests destination options before we even start thinking about them. By gathering social media interests, search history, and traveler data, AI can predict travel destinations and customer preferences to enhance the purchasing experience.

The hospitality industry has been employing Artificial Intelligence to decrease customer complaints and negative reviews by providing them with faster, more efficient online customer service and chatbots. At the same time, AI uses data analytics to understand guest behavior.

This way, hotels know which services to improve to increase customer satisfaction. Travel platforms have also included machine learning and data analytics as a way of driving sales and personalizing customer searches. This implementation benefits the customer by reducing the time spent planning a trip by providing flights, hotels, transportation, and restaurant suggestions that match the travelers’ needs while increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Travel and hospitality brands are achieving higher levels of connection and relevance with an AI-first approach.
Working with Fortune 500 hotels, casinos, resorts, cruise lines and entertainment companies, we are transforming the travel industry to make better decisions and AI-based solutions.

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