How to increase sales over phones in travel industries? Air ticket | Hotels | Holiday Packages and More

How to increase sales over phones in travel industries? Air ticket | Hotels | Holiday Packages and More


1. Introduce your self and company with a welcome message

First, you need to introduce yourself to a welcome message. Like: Hello! I am Istiak; Welcome to “zooFamily” which is a community of aviation and travel industry, How I can help you?


2. Be Confident and Be Natural:

You need to be confident about your job; remember the client is smarter than you. So answer with confidence and be natural about your self.


3. Listen More and Make Note:

Always try to listen more to the client’s needs and note requirements as per clients. And serve clients within 10 minutes.


4. Don’t Assume, If you don’t know the answer takes time:

Never assume or predict the information. Besides If you don’t know take the time to answer it or ask the client for 5 mins; then take help from online or your senior.


5. Make It Interesting  And Informative:

Try to make the information interesting and be informative when you talk over the phone. It will increase the demands of yourself.


6. Be polite and Take a Short Time :

A salesman should be polite over the phone, and make the service quick. Because time is money and money is time.


7. Never silent your phone:

Never silent your phone, the phone should be in a loud ringtone. Then It will make an effective and positive client view.


8. Be informative and Offer variation:

You should make yourself Informative and you must offer a client variation. Because you have to provide client comfort and with this client comfort you can take the advantage of your profits.


9. Smile  and Offer something for the next travel:

You need to smile and offer something for the next travel. Like: you may offer a bonus amount to clients ID, for the next traveling client could use your offer. Then the client will remember you.


10. Conclusion with Thank You:

At last, you give Thank You with respect and ask him/her if you need any assistance  “sir” I am here 24/7 for you. And Ensure him/her he taken the best service. Like: Sir; you are very lucky you got the best price, or you are very lucky that you got the visa or etc…


And this is the best way that How to increase sales over phones in travel industries.

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