The coronavirus pandemic has hit the travel industry hard as many countries had to impose lockdown restrictions. Gradually, repatriation flights to different countries and domestic flights have resumed operations enabling people to travel back to their homes. But traveling in the times of COVID-19 is quite risky, therefore it is advised to travel only if absolutely essential.

Flights are considered to be a breeding house for germs and infections. The lavatory, headrest, or the table, anything can have deposits of respiratory droplets. To ensure complete safety and hygiene from the moment you step out of your house from the departure destination and reach your destination, here are some tips you must follow to travel safely on a plane during COVID-19.

Purchase a PPE kit

Personal Protective Equipment is compulsory if you are traveling on a plane. A PPE kit generally includes a face shield, disposable gloves, and a face mask for airports and flights.

You can easily find PPE kits at local chemist stores and pharmacies or even order them online.

Purchase a hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray

As per the guidelines by the CDC and Federal Aviation Administration in the US, passengers are permitted to carry up to 350 ml or 12 ounces of hand sanitizer in one container. Similarly, in India, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security has permitted carrying 350 ml of hand sanitizer in hand baggage. These guidelines are authorized by the relevant authorities in most of the countries.

As washing hands on a plane is not very convenient, you should always keep a hand sanitizer handy and use it frequently especially before consuming food or after touching surfaces.

You should also purchase a disinfectant spray so that you can disinfect surfaces where you may sit or touch. If you have to catch a cab for the airport, it is best to disinfect the seats before sitting inside.

Pack a few eatables

The in-flight meals during COVID-19 have been discontinued. This measure has been taken to limit the contact between flight attendants and passengers as well as to avoid the spread of coronavirus on flights. However, some flights are offering packed cookies and chips. Therefore, if you are traveling on a long-haul flight or if you tend to get frequent hunger pangs, it’s best to carry your own food that can last long without going stale.

Prior to boarding a long-haul flight, you can even have a meal at one of the restaurants at the airport. Although ordering out and having the meal delivered to your doorstep is much more convenient and safer, having a meal at the airport is safe as well, as long as you take proper precautions. Moreover, it is highly unlikely for people to contract COVID-19 from food or food packaging.

Carry an extra pair of clothes

For the safety of people at your home and yourself, it is best to change your clothes once you have landed at your destination. Also, changing your outfit will also make you feel fresh and clean after a short-haul or long-haul flight. Place your old pair of clothes in a separate bag and wash them after reaching home.


Download the best flight booking app

To make informed bookings for your flight, its recommended to download the best flight booking app available in your region. Most of the apps such as Skyscanner are giving out important travel advice and updates. The information includes travel restrictions and bans, Government travel advice, information on airlines and flight cancellations, and other FAQs that passengers may have.

Maintain social distance at all times

Most importantly, you need to practice social distancing while standing in queues at the airport and also while being seated inside the plane. With fewer people traveling during COIVID-19, the airports are not flooded. However, there are still long queues especially at boarding gates and food retailers as only a few retailers may be open.

Moreover, different airlines are practicing social distancing differently, wherein some Airlines are blocking the middle seats and some aren’t. In such instances, you have to ensure your own safety by maintaining social distance at all times and wherever possible.


Traveling safely on a plane during COVID-19 requires you to adopt all safety measures right from the time you step out of your house and not just inside the flight cabin. Use the best taxi booking app to book a safe and hygiene ride to the airport if you aren’t using your own transport and make sure to disinfect the seats and surfaces before getting in. Your flight booking app will provide the other necessary information needed for your flight and will help you with web check-in. In addition, using the above tips strictly will enable you to travel safely on a plane.

As of now, international and domestic flights are only focusing on repatriation missions. However, we can expect travel and tourism to resume as soon as countries open their borders for tourism. These tips will come in handy even when you are traveling to different countries or places within your own country.


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