IATA Partnership & Air Ticket Issue Authority Agreement 

IATA Partnership & Air Ticket Issue Authority Agreement Between “Airways Office & Your Company”


Acknowledgement: We would like to thank the “Airways Office” that they provide the opportunity to use their IATA access with the ticket issue authority. By this agreement, your company got the IATA access and ticketing issue authority from the “Airways Office”.

Your company will provide a minimum bank guarantee equivalent to ______________BDT. And on behalf of this bank guarantee, they can issue their Air Ticket. With this agreement, both companies will jointly operate the IATA membership. So “Airways Office and Your Company” jointly follow these terms & conditions.

  • For our “Reservation or Accounts assistance” we will charge your company an amount to maintain your business. Here is the amount: 50 BDT for domestic air ticket issues and 200 BDT for International ticket Issues.
  • As per the Bank Guarantee amount, you are allowed to issue 95% of your bank guarantee amount. 
  • Both companies will jointly provide the bank guarantee commission & IATA Yearly Fees.
  • Your ADM or violation penalty has to be paid by you. If a violation of ADM arises from IATA under the name of Airways Office, then according to BSP link & tickets accountant will solve those issues.
  • Every year the IATA will be closed in December month. So both companies have to inform before 6 months if want to disclosure & its closing will be the month of December.
  • The full business will be operated with IATA & Airlines policy, Example: Refund, Reissues, ADM, Etc.
  • The bill we will generate fortnight basis, but your company has to pay before 2 days of IATA payment.


Airways Office Address: Happy Arcade Shopping Mall, 2nd Floor, Suite 34, Holding 3, Road No. 3, Dhaka – 1205
Phone: +880244612178 | Website: www.airwaysoffice.com
Your Company Address: ______________________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________ | Website____________________________



On behalf of Airways Office:



Muhammad Luthfe Ali



On behalf of Your Company








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