Kuwait_Airways Baggage Information For All Flights

Kuwait_Airways Baggage Information For All Flights

Kuwait Airways (aircraft code KU) is the national bearer of Kuwait, established in 1954 and situated in Kuwait city. Kuwait Airways is entirely possessed by the Kuwaiti Government. As of summer 2015, the transporter is experiencing an armada restoration program with more than 40 flying machine on arrange, including whole deal Boeing 777s, Airbus A350s and A330s. The bearer is accepting the open door to redesign its lodges, however take note of that new air ship won’t have a completely level business class item, rather this will be saved for top notch. The carrier’s center is at Kuwait International Airport. It has a dedication conspire called Oasis Club.

Kuwait Airways goes for setting the standard for client introduction and turn into an appreciated carrier to fly, to put resources into, and to work for. To give client arranged administrations that meet the individual needs and inclinations of our customers. For customers who search for best-in-class administrations, we accommodate them an exceptional item. For customers looking for an incentive for cash, we give a solid economy item. Our logic is to be an aircraft with a worldwide reach and a neighborhood touch. Our customers will value our administrations that improve both curiosity and convention.

Kuwait Airways Baggage

Free Baggage Allowance


Destination Class Baggage Allowance Infant
All Destinations Royal Class 3 (32kgs each piece) 1 (10kgs) not exceeding total dimensions 115 cms or 45 inch.
First Class 2 (32kgs each piece)
Business Class 2 (32kgs each piece)
Economy Class 2 (23kgs each piece)


In the first place/Royal Class

  • Traveler Checked Baggage ought not surpass beneath measurements. Ordinary CHECK-IN Bag ought to be inside: Maximum measurements 300cm/118inch

Business Class

  • Traveler Checked Baggage ought not surpass beneath measurements. Typical CHECK-IN Bag ought to be inside: Maximum measurements 158cm/62inch

Economy Class

  • Traveler Checked Baggage ought not surpass underneath measurements. Ordinary CHECK-IN Bag ought to be inside: Maximum measurements 158cm/62inch

Note: Overlimit Size or potentially Over weight: If the stuff surpasses as far as possible in Dimensions or Weight remittance, at that point it would be considered as an additional piece.

** Excess Baggage not allowed for Infants.

New (ICAO) Security Measure

To enhance wellbeing and security of travelers, the Directorate General of common Aviation (DGCA) in a joint effort with Department of Airport security, service of Interior is applying another (ICAO) security measure identified with the impediment of the permissible amount of Liquids, Aerosols and Gels That can be conveyed installed the Aircraft by all travelers Traveling from Kuwait International Airport.


– Implementation of this safety effort will be powerful (01/01/2008) with the accompanying strategies:


  • Travelers are just permitted to convey locally available a constrained amount of Liquids, Aerosols and gels in compartments that don’t surpass the limit of one hundred Milliliter (100ML) each.
  • Every holder should not surpass the limit of one hundred milliliter (100ML) regardless of whether in part full.
  • Those holders should be set in an assigned security altered clear packs gave by the Airport Authority. The limit of the sacks might not surpass one liter (20cm x 20cm in estimate) and should be securely resalable.
  • Every traveler is permitted to convey just a single pack and should be independently displayed at the security check point.
  • The things inside the pack will be subjected to a wide range of security screening including arbitrary hand pursuit of travelers and their effects.
  • Flight team individuals and staff who are required to play out their obligations (in uniform) are exempted from the above measures while on obligation at the day of movement.
  • Exempts from these safety efforts are professionally prescribed solutions, baby nourishment, drain and recipes, wellbeing diet sustenance with sensible amounts required for the aggregate length of the flight mulling over the potential outcomes of flight postponements or preoccupations. Regardless the carriage of the above things installed the airplane might be liable to security staff evaluation. Additionally, travelers with such things are required to indicate official verifications of the need for these things upon ask for .


  • All Liquids, Areosoles and Gels that are bought from obligation free deal focuses at the Airport or from installed the Aircraft are allowed through travel check focuses gave that they are set in proper straightforward security obvious altered sacks set apart with the name of the nation or airplane terminal of source and additionally carrier and labeled noticeably with the buy receipt.
  • The DGCA maintains whatever authority is needed to rethink or apply more strict measures towards the carriage of Liquids, AeroSoles and Gels including the offers of such things at obligation free focuses and locally available the flying machine.


Carry-on Baggage Allowance

In the first place /BUSINESS CLASS – 1PC/11Kgs,

  • One piece not to surpass 11 Kgs.
  • One little Laptop Bags.



  • One piece not to surpass 7 Kgs.
  • One little Laptop Bag to be put under the seat in front.
  • Most extreme Size – 56 X 46 X 25 cm OR 22 X 18 X 10 inch each.
  • One Carry- on stuff must be securely stowed in the flying machine lodge. This general decided limits things to what will fit in an overhead compartment or under the seat before the traveler. The greatest size is normally 23 x 36 x 56 cm (115 cm aggregate) or 9 x 14 x 22″ (45″ total)and the most extreme weight is 7 kilograms. Portable things must stay with the traveler consistently and are the duty of the traveler. It would be ideal if you allude to things free stipend for other size restriction of Carry-on stuff like Garment Bag or Suit Pack.
  • One jacket, wrap or cover.
  • One umbrella or strolling stick.
  • One little camera as well as one sets of binoculars.
  • A sensible measure of perusing matter for the flight.
  • Baby’s sustenance for utilization in flight.
  • One Infant’s conveying bin.
  • One completely collapsible stroller or push seat.
  • One completely collapsible wheelchair or potentially one sets of bolsters and additionally supports or their prosthetic gadget for the traveler’s utilization.
  • A woman’s tote, wallet or satchel, which is fitting to typical voyaging dress and isn’t being utilized as a compartment for the transportation of articles which would some way or another be viewed as stuff.
  • A little PC in a sensible workstation pack.


  • All travelers setting out by Kuwait Airways to UK and USA( LHR and JFK) are asked for to guarantee that all hardware things ( PCs/iPad/mobiles) being conveyed as hand baggage ought to be kept ON and out of its cover for exceptional status checks.
  • Amid the flight the above portable things might be kept in traveler’s own particular authority.
  • Any extra things, other than those predetermined in above, might be weighed with whatever is left of the stuff and should the stipend be surpassed, it is liable to an overabundance things charge.

Excess Baggage Allowance


Any larger than average or overweight stuff surpassing permisssible breaking point will be charged as beneath:

Over Size KWD 45/-per piece
Over Weight KWD 45/ -per piece
Over Size and Over Weight KWD 90/- per piece


Regal and First: Maximum Dimension 300cm/118inch

Business: Maximum Dimension 158cm/62inch

Economy: Maximum Dimension 158cm/62inch

KUWAIT AIRWAYS baggage Lost and Found hotline numbers:

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