Laos Visa Requirements For Bangladeshi | Laos Visa From Bangladesh

Laos Visa Requirements

Laos is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the region, reflecting its geographic location as a crossroads of Asia. The hardy Hmong people live off the land in remote mountain communities of the north, remote Kahu and Alak communities of the south have the last remaining traditional face tattoos, and the katang villages of central Laos sleep with the spirits of the forest. Whether it is the cities of the lowlands or the remote villages of the highlands, Laos offers some wonderful opportunities for local interaction.

Laos Visa Requirements

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Laos is a Southeast Asian country traversed by the Mekong River and famous for mountainous terrain, French colonial architecture, mountain tribe settlements and Buddhist monasteries. Vientiane, the capital, is the website of the Luang monument, in which a reliquary allegedly houses the Buddha’s breastbone, and also the Patuxai war ministry and Talat Sao (Morning Market), a more complicated jammed with food, clothing and craft stalls.

Laos does not have a diplomatic representation in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. one can look for the nearest embassy of Laos which is in India.

Laos Visa Application Form

Embassy of Laos in India

A 104/7, Parrmanand Estate,
Maharani Bagh,
New Delhi-110065, India.
Phone: (+91) 11 4132 7352 (Consular)
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

If you have all the below documents, Travelzoo! will provide you the Processing / Logistics support to have your visa stamped (Logistics charge applicable). You do not need to visit the embassy in New Delhi, India to process your visa.

General Visa Requirements


  1. Passport with validity min 6 months ( all old passport should be submitted at embassy along with new passport) and 18 months validity passport to get one year validity visa
  2. Two recent photograph 25*35mm
  3. Passport photocopy 1st and 2nd page along with all old passport
  4. Previous visa photocopy (if any)


  1. Last six months bank statement & solvency with original bank’s seal (original and photocopy)
  2. Company name bank account or personal name bank account


  1. Updated trade license with English translate and notary (for Businessman)
  2. Partnership deed or memorandum with English translate and notary for joint venture or limited company (for Businessman)
  3. Company’s two copy blank letterhead pad (for Businessman)
  4. NOC (no objection certificate) original and photocopy (for private job holder)
  5. Two copy visiting card with English letter ( for Business and service holder)
  6. Retired certificate with English translated and notary (for Retd. Gov. Service holder)
  7. Student id card or last paid salary receipt (for students)


  1. Marriage certificate photocopy with original English translated and notary copy (for a new couple)
  2. Tin (tax identification number) certificate (Few countries required)
  3. Vat
  4. Covering Letter
  5. One page cheque with cross line (Few countries required)
  6. Police clearance certificate (Few countries required)
  7. NID (national identification ) photocopy or birth certificate photocopy for minor
  8. Airline & Hotel Reservation Ticket Itinerary & Hotel Booking.
  9. Property document
  10. Health insurance

Processing Time: Total approximate time is 10 to 15 working days (Depend on Embassy decision)

Our consultancy services include:

Studying Your Background & Travel History

Creating checklist based on profile merit

Preparing best visa approach

Identifying loophole and eliminating those

Business Visa Requirements:

  1. Photocopy of the passport and last page. The Applicant needs to have a passport valid for at least three (3) weeks from the date of application to the visa.
  2. Two (2) visa application form to fill and signed by the applicant (Photocopy permitted). To obtain visa application type,
  3. Three current camera clicked passport sized coloured photos on light background using 80\% confront cover onto a matt or semi-matt completed paper (35mm x 45mm).
    Please notice: Photograph shouldn’t be over 3 weeks old, scanned/stapled and shouldn’t be utilized in some of the prior visas.
  4. Employee ID card copy.
  5. Three (3) copies of Employee Visiting Card.
  6. A Forwarding Letter expect in the applicant on the corporation’s letter head saying his title, designation, passport number, objective, length of trip. The correspondence Ought to Be addressed : The Visa Officer, Embassy of the Laos, People’s Democratic Republic, New Delhi.
  7. A Covering Letter from the applicant stating the purpose of visit to Laos.
  8. Invitation Letter from Laos sponsor / inviting Business on its own letter head stating that the purpose of travel, length of stay and needs to sign with signatory’s title and designation. It is strongly suggested to organize an Immigration Approval from Laos (if at all possible) to quickly track the application procedure.
  9. Original Bank statement for the last six months as a proof of fund.
  10. Hotel confirmation & flight booking with PNR.
  11. Authorization Letter: Applicant will have to submit an authorization letter authorizing us to submit and collect documents.

Processing Time:

Total approximate time is 2 to 4 weeks (2-3 weeks at Embassy 1 week for Passport transit).

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Disclaimer: Before your payments contact us via email ([email protected]) or WhatsApp at (+88) 01978569293) , Airways Office only provide Visa logistics support with your documents. Visa grant is the distinct decision of embassy or consulate of the respective countries.

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