Liberia Visa Requirements

On history and culture, the capital city of Monrovia is to the Liberia National Museum about the Atlantic coast. Around Monrovia are shores such as CeCe and Silver. Along the shore, beach towns incorporate laid-back Robertsport, famous for its surf, in addition to the port of Buchanan.

As There’s no Embassy or Consulate of all Liberian in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The closest Liberian Embassy can be applied from by visitors to Liberia. Back in Asia, Embassies have been in Japan, Tokyo and Beijing, China. Visitors can use through their connections in Liberia for a Airport Visa They could apply to the Immigration Dept. in Liberia with a copy to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Liberia Visa Requirements


Shirokane K House 4-14-12 Shirokane, Minato-ku
Tokyo-1080072, Japan

Telephone: 03-3441-7720
(from overseas +81-3-3441-7720)
Fax: 03-3441-7728
(from overseas +81-3-3441-7728)
Email: [email protected]

Liberian Embassy in Beijing, China

Room 013, Gold Island Diplomatic Compound
No. 1 Xi Ba He Nan Lu
Beijing-100028, China
Telephone: (+86) 10 6440 3007
Fax: (+86) 10 6440 3918

Requirements for VISA

  1. Fully completed visa form for Liberia and mandatory declaration
  2. Two recent passport-size photos (WHITE BACK GROUND/RED (LONG SERVICE)
  3. Valid national passport and one copy
  4. Original of valid visa for anyone who is national of another country and one copy
  5. Your latest bank account statement and one copy
  6. Confirmation letter from your travel health insurance for Liberia stating the coverage and one copy
  7. Reference letter from your employer or education establishment
  8. Proof of group travel/ hotel room booking reservation in Liberia / air ticket reservation for Liberia and one copy
  9. Vaccination against yellow fever
  10. Evidence of financial support
  11. List of invitation from Liberia using the title of a contact person and the phone number including email (if any)
  12. 1 letter in the company asking for visa, in case self explanatory content of incorporation of your organization.
  13. A charge of 8,000 JPY for 3 weeks (single entry), 16,000 JPY for 3 weeks (multiple entries). Payment will be finished by candidate (s) to consular’s account and the evidence of payment will be filed to the embassy.

Please notice: In individual circumstances, you might be expected to produce additional paperwork. Liberian embassy guidelines and regulations can and do, change over night.


For any specific query, please call at +8801678569297 , +8801978569293