Malindo Air Baggage Information

Malindo Air Baggage Information

Here is the overview of Malindo Air Baggage Information.

Cabin Baggage

Economy Class:

Passengers are allowed to carry 1 cabin baggage with 1 laptop or hand bag on board and the dimension must not exceed 36 x 56 x 23 cm and weight of the baggage must be within 7kg.

Business Class:

Passengers are allowed to carry 2 cabin baggages with one laptop or handbag in-flight. The dimension of the cabin baggage must not exceed 36 x 56 x 23 cm and weight must not be more than 10kg.

Checked Baggage

Checked baggage allowance depends on routes, cabin class and terms and conditions of the ticket. But mostly checked baggage allowance determines by weight.

Domestic & International Flights
Business Class 40kg(for Boeing aircraft)
Economy Class 25kg (for Boeing aircraft) excluding DAC & CGP, 35kg
Economy Class 15kg (for ATR aircraft)

         Malindo Air Baggage Information


Non-Standard Baggage

Malindo air accepts special baggage items apart from normal items as they understand there can be exception sometimes in baggage items. But there are some restrictions are to be followed.

If it’s a perishable items or frozen foods are only acceptable as cabin baggage. It should be packed properly and must not exceed the dimension and weight allowance of cabin baggage.

If there’s any sports equipment then there are some limitations:

Electronics items that may hamper the navigation and communication system are prohibited to carry. Such as AM/FM radios, portable telephones or transmitters, cellular/mobile telephones, calculators with printer, personal/portable computers with printer, radio controlled toys, any equipment operating through an antenna.

Musical instruments which are small in size are allowed on board as cabin baggage but heavy and bulky instruments are for checked in baggage.

MALINDO AIR baggage Lost and Found hotline numbers:

(For Buying or Booking Air Tickets call us: +8801978569293, 94, 95 )

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