Marshall Islands Visa Requirements

The Marshall Islands are a sprawling chain of volcanic islands and coral atolls in the central Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and the Philippines. From the shore, Bikini Atoll undisturbed waters, utilized following World War II as a boat graveyard, are a wreck dive website. Close Majuro Atoll, that retains the islands’ capital and payoff, the coral reef in Kalalin Pass teems with life.

Bangladeshi Nationals will require visas to enter Marshall Islands. There is no Embassy or Consulate office of Marshall Islands in Dhaka, nearest Marshall Islands Embassy is in New Delhi, India.

Marshall Islands Visa Requirements


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New Delhi India
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  1. Generally, an application for a visa should consist of the following:

    (i) Completed application form (with two recent passport size photos)

    (ii) Passport (valid for at least 6 months)

    (iii) Supporting documents:

    (i) Letter from applicant – stating the purpose and duration of visit

    (ii) Police record – must be dated within last 3 months

    (iii) Health clearance – must show person is free from HIV/AIDS and TB; dated within last 3 months

    (iv) Receipt – to show payment of application fee

    1. Complete applications and supporting documents should be sent to:

    The Director of ImmigrationPO Box 890

    Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands, 96960

    Tel: (692) 625-8633 / 4572

    Fax: (692) 625-4246

    Email: [email protected]

    1. An application with all requested documents may take up to 14 days to process. If an application is incomplete or further supporting documentation is requested, the application may take up to 21 days to process.

    For any specific query, please call at +8801678569297 , +8801978569293