Nauru Visa Requirements

Nauru is a tiny island country, located in the deep blue pacific ocean waters just to the north of the solomon island and was surrounded by coconut trees with few sandy beaches. Standing on an uplifted coral formation, the island is completely surrounded by coral reefs, resulting in Nauru having no natural harbour or port. Nauru keeps the title of the worlds smallest independent republic. The country is just 21 Kilometres squared, making it one of the smallest in the world. This tiny island nation boasts an interesting history and has smoe of the most unusual landscapes imaginable. It is well worth a visit.

Nauru Visa Requirements

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Nauru is a small isolated western Pacific island, which lacks many of the tourist facilities of some of its larger neighbours such as Fiji, the Cook Island or even New Caledonia, Tourism is not a major contributor to the economy with only around 200 tourists a year visiting the island.

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As there is no Nauru embassy in Bangladesh, one can look for nearest embassy of Nauru which is in India.

Embassy of the Nauru

Nauruan Consulate General S-327, Greater Kailash – Part I
New Delhi India.
Phone: (+91) (11) 2641 4744
Fax: (+91) (11) 2621 5778
Email : [email protected]

Visa requirements:

  • A valid passport with six months of validation and two blank page in the end.
  • Accommodation arrangement assurance.
  • Confirmed return ticket.
  • Sufficient fund.
  • A support letter with details of the applicant and the passport information.
  • One fully completed and signed application form to be submitted.

l approximate time required to get Nauru visa : 7-10 days


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