New Zealand Visa Requirements

New Zealand markets itself abroad as a “clean green” adventure playground (Tourism New Zealand’s main marketing slogan, “100% pure New Zealand” reflects this) with typical tourist destination being nature areas such as Milfrod Sound, Abel Tasman National Park and the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, while activities such as bungee jumping or whale watching exemplify typical tourist attractions, often marketed primarily to individual and small group travellers. By far the highest number of New Zealand’s tourists (about 45%) come from Australia due to close proximity and relations.

New Zealand Visa Requirements

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New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean consisting of 2 main islands, both marked by volcanoes and glaciation. Capital Wellington, on the North Island, is home to Te Papa Tongarewa, the expansive national museum. Wellington’s dramatic Mt. Victoria, along with the South Island Fiordland and Southern Lakes, stood in for mythical Middle Earth in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings” films.

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New Zealand Visa Application Form

There is no Consulate or Embassy of New Zealand in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Nearest Embassies.

New Zealand Embassy in New Delhi

Sir Edmund Hillary Marg
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021,

But if you have all the below documents, Travelzoo! will provide you the Processing / Logistics support to have your visa stamped from Bangladesh (Logistics charge applicable). You do not need to visit the embassy in New Delhi, India to process your visa.

Documents Requirements for Visitor Visa Application (Tourist/Business):

  1. A filled up visa application form with valid information with capital letters and a copy of the first page of the passport.
  2. A valid passport for six months and two spare pages in the last.
  3. Proof of any prior overseas traveling.
  4. Two recent passport size photographs and two cards.
  5. A cover Letter.
  6. An invitation letter from the organization or company of New Zealand.
  7. Inviter’s Passport Copy or Resident ID Card Copy (if any)
  8. A forwarding letter from the company.
  9. Certified papers of the business.
  10. Bank statement for last six months.
  11. Company bank statement for last six months.
  12. Confirmed round ticket.
  13. Hotel booking confirmation.
  14. Air Ticket Booking.
  15. X-ray certification and general medical certification.
  16. Other supporting documents which you have ready in hand
  17.  All documents should be in English.
    # Personal Bank statement for the past six months. You need to provide proof of origin of those funds whether there are cash deposits from the accounts.# Evidence of any previous overseas travel i.e. clear copy of visas on passport.# Your travel/flight bookings/itinerary/tickets if applying for a Limited Purpose Visa or Transit visa.# Completed supplementary information sheet.Processing Time: Total approximate time is 30 to 40 working days (24-34 working days at Embassy + 7 working days for Passport transit).

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