After one month of hardship in Ramadan Eid comes(EID UL_FITAR).Eid is the most joyful festival in Muslim community.It also a public holiday.So the corporate people, students and other people get the relieve from works and  duties.Some people utilise the festival by traveling with family, friends and loved one’s. Traveling is the best way to spend time with exploring new things. It is not only joyful but also it makes beautiful memories. Some people stay on expensive hotel or resort and  spend the these days like a king. Holiday are limited, so it’s better to travel by air to save the unnecessary time.Some people love to long travel, We met a traveller who told us: “travelling” its a passion to explore new things…

Most importantly,  Bangladesh aviation trade and travel industry raising day by day. Every year we can see the growth of foreign and local travel sector. However in all sense we can say that, the travel trade and its future is raising.

Raising Bangladesh Aviation Trade and Travel Industry Business

Every month aviation trade growing like a baby.In 2016 the monthly trade was 700core BDT, and in 2019 it is 1500 core BDT.Whenever Eid comes we see the transaction around 2500 to 3000 core BDT! That means Bangladeshi people love to travel, that’s why when they get holiday they make the plan to go somewhere.Day by day travel industry are increasing ,Now it’s matters of time to see new International Airport in Bangladesh,New Airlines and lots of foreign visitors in Bangladesh.

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