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                          Top Places in Algeria



Algeria is the biggest and wonderful place in the continent of Africa. You must visit this place and you will love Algeria in its best form. Algeria has many attractive places with winding streets and fabulous architecture. And also Mediterranean shore, lush landscapes and ancient ruins to rival anywhere in the world. There have many top places in Algeria which are very attractive and enjoyable for visit.



Annaba is one of the most beautiful cities in Algeria. There are many attractive natural scenery in here which are really very beautiful. Hippo Regius and other culture forms the main state of the city. In Annaba you get many peaceful places in here to visit.

Top Places in Algeria



Oran is one of the liveliest city in Algeria which is visited by thousands of people every year. It is second city of Algeria. The modern Oran is divided boasts a refreshing waterfront. Oran is an attraction in its own right and has historical features a plenty to explore including stunning mosques. It is also a great place for sampling Algerian cuisine and scuba diving.

Top Places in Algeria


It is a metropolitan town in Algeria with modernity engulfing it from all sides. Algiers is situated on the gorgeous bay of the Mediterranean Sea. The city was emerged by the Ottomans and is rife with history and stunning architecture.

Top Places in Algeria


Atakor is located in the Ahaggar National Park and it’s covered with sheer peaks and mountains. The whole area is encircled with brown sands and dry landscape. This place is very stunning places to visit. In Atakor you can see many stunning scenery which comes your holiday very enjoyable.

Top Places in Algeria



When you want to see full of traditions and religion then have to Ghardaia is the name that comes to mind. Because here you can get many beautiful traditions and religion and also delicious food which are very tasty. So, you have to visit this place without any objection.

Top Places in Algeria


Djanet is placed at a height in the majestic mountains which overlooks the city. It is a seaside town in Algeria.  In Djanet there have many wonderful perks in here.

Top Places in Algeria


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