Top Places in Azerbaijan


You might not hear about it a lot, but Azerbaijan is one of the most striking countries you can visit.  In here there are wonderful subtropical seaside resorts. There are many top places in Azerbaijan to visit but some are so attractive and beautiful places in here.

 Caspian Sea:

The Caspian Sea is the biggest inland body of water in the world. It makes one of the best places to trip in Azerbaijan. You can find in Caspian Sea many beautiful resorts and charismatic natural beauty.


 Top Places in Azerbaijan



There is a beloved summer resort for beach lovers. In Nabran has a lot of water based activities that advantage however much as could reasonably be expected from the enveloping environment.

Top Places in Azerbaijan


Baku is one of the most striking places in Azerbaijan for its modern city center and historical old town. In here you have to visit the Flame Towers, three towers built to resemble fire that cast a bronzed glow over the city at night. The most beautiful attractions are along Baku Boulevar is the views from the hill near Martyrs’ Lane.

Top Places in Azerbaijan


Astara is other most beautiful historical cultural place in Azerbaijan. This place is surrounded by forest and mountains. Astara has picturesque cafes and local restaurants, as well as a museum. In Astara you will find delightful mountain villages that feature ancient mosques, towers, bathhouses and mausoleums.

Top Places in Azerbaijan

Sheki City:

Nestled at the bottom of the southern Greater Caucasus Mountain is a place called Sheki. This is even more pathetic as an architectural wonder when you consider that the palace was built in its total without the use of nails. In Sheki City there has many beautiful places for enjoy. Make sure to check out the stunning wall paintings and carved windows when you visit.

Top Places in Azerbaijan


Final Words:

At the end, we can say that these top places in Azerbaijan will assist you to plan a safe and enjoying holiday. So, make your trip according to your interest and budget. Please contact us: +8801880155577,+8801880155578

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