Sabre Solution and Products for Travel Agencies | Sabre API | Sabre ID | Sabre PCC

Sabre solution and products for travel agencies

Sabre is a leading software and technology company that powers the global travel industry. With decades of revolutionary firsts, our team of experts drives innovation and ingenuity across the travel ecosystem. Sabre partners with airlines, hoteliers, agencies, and other travel partners to retail, distribute and fulfill travel. Our technology is the intelligence behind mobile apps, airport check-in kiosks, online travel sites, airline and hotel reservation networks, travel agent terminals, and scores of other travel solutions. Positioned at the center of the travel ecosystem, our platform enables our customers to connect people with experiences that matter in their lives.

zooFamily provides Sabre solutions and travel agency products | Sabre API | Sabre ID | Sabre PCC, Sabre Travel Booking System, tour operators, and travel management companies worldwide.

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We also provide Sabre Agency Air Shopping, Sabre Automated Exchange and Refund, Sabre Automation Hub, Sabre Automation Solutions, Sabre e-commerce leisure, Sabre HX removal, Sabre Red Web, Sabre Synaxis Booking Engine, and more as per client’s requirements. The Airways office is the authorized and most trusted Sabre travel products Sales office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Sabre Top 10 Products details for travel agencies:

1. Sabre API:

Sabre APIs aim to help developers integrate Sabre’s travel content into their websites. Along the way, APIs can lower development costs, minimize duplication of efforts and shorten development cycles as well. Sabre API cost usually 3500$, but when you buy the Sabre API from zooFamily, then its price is 650$.

Sabre API

2. Sabre OTA:

OTA means Online Travel Agency. Sabre OTA software helps you to connect your travel agency to make an online travel portal. An OTA software is very expensive to build because API is very expensive to buy and implement. For the Sabre OTA Software demo, click here and know more.

Sabre OTA

3. Sabre Red Web ID or Sabre login ID or login portal: 

After you and Sabre agree on all terms, Sabre assigns a Sabre ID and PCC. This ID grants access to the PRODUCTION and CERT environments of Sabre Red 360 and the Sabre GDS. The Sabre ID and PCC are the same in both environments, but the passwords for each environment differ.

Sabre Red Web ID or Sabre login ID or login portal

4. Sabre HX removal:

Every day, agencies perform numerous repetitive manual tasks such as PNR booking status checks, schedule changes, non-active air segment cancellations, and HX status, just to name a few. Not only does this time-consuming work take up most of the day, but it also keeps agents from serving customers and can result in costly human errors. Very often, agencies receive ADMs from airlines due to these errors, If you active Sabre HX removal then automatically it will cancel those incurring avoidable expenses.

Sabre HX removal

5. Sabre Automation Solution:

It enables manual tasks to be completed by apps instead of agents. From schedule changes to queue activity, it’s an effective way to reduce manual workloads, costs, and mistakes so agencies can focus instead on improving customer satisfaction and boosting revenue.

Sabre solution and products for travel agencies

6. Sabre automation hub:

It takes care of repetitive manual tasks such as booking management, scheduling change alerts, PNR documentation, cancellation, confirmation, and much more – within one consolidated technology solution. Automating this work can deliver critical cost and time savings and lower operational costs while eliminating manual errors and consistently delivering quality service.

Sabre automation hub

7. Sabre Automated Exchanges:

Achieve quicker, easier processing on roughly 80% of agent ticket exchanges using the Voluntary Changes rule. Realize as much as a 20% improvement in overall ticketing productivity by saving up to 20 minutes per exchange.

Sabre Automated Exchanges

8. Sabre e-commerce leisure:

eCommerce Leisure is an online booking tool enabling TAs to build new revenue streams with a customized website and booking engine. Click here and have to look at their product eCommerce Leisure. Get Started With Sabre eCommerce Leisure · Convert More Customers To Your Online Travel Shop; Keep Track of Your Online

Sabre e-commerce leisure

9. Sabre Agency Air Shopping:

Agency Air Shopping products help travel agencies source the best airline offers through the planning, booking, and servicing stages of travel. During the booking process, serve up trend insights with Intelligence Shopping and compare hundreds of offers with Bargain Finder Max to deliver a modern retailing experience.

Sabre Agency Air Shopping

10. SynXis Booking Engine by Sabre:

The SynXis Booking Engine is a modern retailing and eCommerce engine for hotel websites. Built with a deep retail focus, it drives direct bookings by increasing engagement and triggering conversions. No matter how and where your guests access your booking engine, they’ll always be delighted with the experience.

SynXis Booking Engine by Sabre

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