Solomon Islands Visa Requirements

Forget what travelling the Pacific used to be like around the Solomon Islands its still that way. These islands are laid back welcoming and often surprisingly untouched. From WWII relics scattered in the jungle to leaf hut villages where traditional culture is alive, there’s so much on offer. Then there’s the visual appeal, with scenery reminiscent of a Discovery Channel documentary:volcanic islands croc-infested mangroves, huge lagoons, tropical islets and emerald forests.

Solomon Islands Visa Requirements

Regarding Visa Application Process:

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Don’t expect white sand beaches and ritzy resorts. With only a smattering of traditional guesthouses and comfortable hideaways, it’s tailor made for ecotourists. For outdoorsy types, lots of action packed experiences await: climb an extinct volcano, surf uncrowded waves, snorkel pristine reefs or kayak across a lagoon. Beneath the ocean’s surface, awesome WWII wrecks and dizzying drop offs will enthrall divers. The best part is there’ll be no crowds to mar the experience.

Assistance regarding Visa application process:

Visa Assistant Manager: Shafiuddin Ahmed (Tuhin)

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Visitors who are citizens of Bangladesh will require prior approval from the Director of Immigration before entering Solomon Islands as a visitor.

To obtain prior approval, nationals of above-listed countries will have to contact the Director Immigration:

Director of Immigration

Immigration Division

Department of Commerce, Industries & Employment

P O Box G26


Solomon Islands

Tel: +677 28841

Fax: +677 25084

Email:  [email protected]

Supporting information the applicant should furnish the Director of Immigration with are:-

1) Valid passport with 6 months of validity.

2) Confirmed air ticket.

3) The reasons for the visit and required papers.

In Asia, Solomon Islander Embassy is available in Taipei, Taiwan

Solomon Islander Embassy in Taipei, Taiwan

Solomon Embassy in Taipei, Taiwan
7F, 9-1, Lane 62, Tienmu W. Road , Taipei 111 Taiwan

Phone: (+886) 2 2873-1168

Fax:        (+886) 2 2873-5224

Email: [email protected]


Visitors wishing to travel to Solomon Islands must satisfy the following requirements prior to travel:

1) Valid passport and travel documents.

2) Confirmed return ticket.

3) Fund sufficiency.

4)  Valid visa and health documents.


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Disclaimer: Before your payments contact us via email ([email protected]) or WhatsApp at (+88) 01978569293) , Airways Office only provide Visa logistics support with your documents. Visa grant is the distinct decision of embassy or consulate of the respective countries.

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