Student Visa From Bangladesh

Information of UK, Canada Student Visa Application

Requires Documents Checklist:

  1. All academic Certificates and TranscriptsStudent Visa
  2. Research Proposal (for PhD applicants)
  3. Passport
  4. IELTS certificate
  5. CV in word file
  6. Personal statement in word file (at least 250 words)
  7. Academic reference letter (applicable for all)
  8. Employer reference letter (if the applicant is working somewhere)
Documents submission
1. Application to University
2. Conditional offer letter
3.Unconditional offer letter
4. Semester fees payment
5. Bank statement (covering Maintenance + Rest of the tuition fees)
6. CAS Letter Issued
7. Medical test
8. Visa application + Bank statement                                     
9. Visa interview Practice
10. Getting Visa



Application stages:

IELTS requirements: For UK and Canada minimum required IELTS for any level degree is 6.5. However, some universities accept applicants with 6.0 / 5.5, and in that case, they may require to do a foundation course or pre-masters course to become eligible for their desired course.

Financial Issues: An applicant can go to Canada with 7 to 10 lacs including all costs. On the other hand, for the UK they need 14 to 15 laps to go to the UK. For more details about bank statement and other details, applicants have to consult.


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