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World’s Top 20 Destinations —2018

World's Top 20 Destinations —2018

The World's Top 20 Destinations —2018 you must visit in 2018. You can explore you journey and discover best destinations. When it comes to choosing a vacation, what appeals to one group of travelers might not be of interest to another. And with so many different destinations across the globe . 1. Paris, France 2. London, United Kingdom 3. Rome, Italy 4. Bali, Indonesia 5. Crete, Greece 6. Barcelona, Spain 7. Prague, Czech Republic 8. Hanoi, Vietnam 9. Istanbul, Turkey 10. Phuket, Thailand 11. New York City, New York 12. Siem Reap, Cambodia 13. Jamaica 14. Playa del Carmen, Mexico 15. Lisbon, Portugal 16.Dubai, United Arab Emirates 17.Tokyo, Japan 18. Kathmandu, Nepa 19.Hong Kong, China 20. Hurghada, Egypt https://airwaysoffice.com/world-s-top-10-beaches-2018/