UZBEKISTANI EMBASSIES AND CONSULATES43 UZBEKISTANI EMBASSIES AND CONSULATES  Uzbekistani Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan Embassy of Uzbekistan in Kabul, Afghanistan 13th Street, 3rd row, House 14 Wazir Akbar Khan, Kart-e-Seh, Kabul, AfghanistanCity: Kabul Phone: (+93) 20-250-04-31Email: uzb_emb_kabul@hotmail.comUzbekistani Embassy in Wien, Austria Embassy of Uzbekistan in Wien, Austria Poetzleinsdorferstrasse 49 1180, Wien, AustriaCity: Wien Phone: +43-1 3153994 / 5 Fax: +43-1 3153993Email: info@usbekistan.at Uzbekistani Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan Embassy of Uzbekistan in Baku, Azerbaijan Batamdart, 1st highway, 9 th lane, house 437, 1000 Boku, AzerbaijanCity: Baku Phone: (+994) (12) 497 25 49 / 52 Fax: (+994) (12) 497 25 48Email: office@uzembassy.az Uzbekistani Consulate in Dhaka, Bangladesh Consulate of Uzbekistan in Dhaka, Bangladesh Wali Center, 3rd Floor, House #74,...

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