golden triangle tour

The golden triangle tour of India is already very well known not only by the Indians but also by tourists all over the world. If you get an opportunity to visit Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi along with Udaipur like City, you would not like to lose the opportunity. Udaipur is a dream destination for the lovers of nature and its beauty. Udaipur is also called the city of lakes and it is very well known for its beauty and architecture. Architecture is made by human beings, but the beauty is completely natural and divine and therefore it is considered as a God gift. The beauty of the golden triangle India tour package was fantabulous and some of its important points are mentioned here.

The Amazing Lakes

Udaipur is particularly called as the city of lakes. It is said that one can get rid of depression if he spends some time near a water body. You have a 9 of the tension of everyday workload and you have come to Udaipur, I am pretty sure that you would return home with a happy face and a happy heart. Some of the lakes in Udaipur or natural and some are artificial, but all of them are very beautiful. People are often found taking pictures and selfish when they visit the lakes.

Beautiful Bollywood Destinations

Udaipur offers not only beautiful lakes but also very beautiful monuments which noticed by the filmmakers of Bollywood long ago and many locations of Udaipur have been used by many of the filmmakers to provide a highly suitable look according to the scenes in the movies. Many Indian movies like Nanhe Jaisalmer and various other songs have been picturized at the beautiful locations of Udaipur.

Great Stories of Brave Kings

We also enjoyed various stories that presented the bravery of the kings for their self-respect and registered great and historical victories. Fortunately, the guide associated with us was highly experienced and knowledgeable. He told us about many brave kings and the stories of their bravery. Kings of Jaipur were equally inclined towards the beauty and architecture and the evidence of this amalgamation was clearly seen in the construction of the monuments.

Shopping Destinations

There are so many places where you can go to buy various kinds of Handicrafts and finished goods. You can find almost everything with the best quality and at the most reasonable price. Udaipur is known for its beautiful garments, footwear, accessories, and various other items. People who come from foreign countries also, love to buy the local products of Udaipur and the other cities of the golden triangle.

The Treat for Foodies

On the golden triangle tour with Udaipur, nothing else was more required in getting the delicious food items on the street. You can get all the traditional and delicious local street items that are being eaten in India for many years. Anybody in the world will definitely enjoy this trip. The golden triangle deserves to be called the golden triangle from every angle, whether one talks about its architecture, food or anything else.


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