Togo Visa Requirements

Togo Visa Requirements

Togo, a West African Country in the Gulf of Guinea, is Famous for its palm-lined Shores and hilltop villages. Koutammakou is a settlement of clay huts. From the capital, Lomé, will be the multistory Grand Marché bazaar and the Fetish Market, offering conventional talismans and treatments about the vodun (voodoo) faith)

There is no Embassy or Consulate office of Togo in Dhaka, Nearest Togo Embassy is in India.

Togolese Embassy in New Delhi, India
4 Munirka Marg, 1st Floor
Vasant Vihar,
New Delhi-110057, India.
Phone: (+91) 11 4103 7036
Email: [email protected]

Documents required: 

  1. Filled up visa application form.
  2. A valid passport for six months.
  3. Passport size photographs (2 copies).
  4. Vaccination certification.
  5. List of countries visited in the last six months
  6. Invitation letter from Togo.
  7. Hotel booking confirmation.
  8. Confirmed air ticket.
  9. Balance sufficiency.
  10. Company assurance letter.

Processing Time: Total approximate time is 10 -12 working days.

The visa will be valid for 7 days only. If you need to stay longer, you will have to apply for an extension while the 7-day visa is still valid. If your visa has expired before you are applying for an extension, you’ll have to pay an extra fee of $60.00.


For any specific query, please call at +8801678569297 , +8801978569293