Tonga Visa Requirements

Tonga Visa Requirements

Tonga is a Mayan realm of over 170 South Pacific islands, many uninhabited, most lined in white shores and coral reefs and covered with tropical rainforest. Lagoons and limestone hills, protect the main island, Tongatapu. It is home to the rural capital of Nuku’alofa, along with beach hotels, plantations and also the Ha’amonga ʻa Maui, a massive coral park in the 1200s.

Bangladeshi Nations need visa to enter to Tonga. But there is no Consulate or Embassy of Tonga in Dhaka, Bangladesh one have to apply to the nearest Embassy which is in India.

Tongan Consulate in New Delhi, India

C 59, Panchsheel Enclave
P.O.Box 4070
New Delhi-110017, India
Telephone: (+91) 11 5563 5506
(+91) 98 1058 3949
Fax: (+91) 11 2649 4170
Email:  [email protected]
Office hours: 10.00-13.00

Visa Requirements:

  1. Valid passport for six months.
  2. Confirmation of the return ticket.
  3. The documents should be visible when needed.
  4. The financial profile should be ready.


For any specific query, please call at +8801678569297 , +8801978569293