Top 10 Airport in the world 2017

Top 10 Airport in the world 2017

Top 10 Airport in the world 2017

Skytrax Airport Awards is the standard for airports all around the world. The airports are rated based on the caliber of customer experience for simplicity of amenities check-in and safety. Keep reading to see our listing of airports airport has ripped the best location for five years and which have topped the airport charts. Here is the Top 10 Airport in the world 2017.

Top 10 Airport in the world 2017

1. Singapore Changi

Running is Singapore Changi in Singapore. The airport chooses entertainment and airport amenities to another level. The airport is used by 55 million travellers every year and the figures keep growing. Airport attractions comprise the not to be missed pool that serves tasty cocktails, a rooftop cactus garden plus a backyard that is water-lily. There’s high speed wi-fi that is free throughout the airport and lounges that are relaxing and designed waiting regions. Passengers are well catered for with a koi pond, a butterfly garden and a movie theater.

2. Centrair Airport

Centair Airport in Nagoya serves the largest metropolitan area in Japan. As with Japanese airport Centair scores on exceptional and unique facilities, organisation and service. One of the very best facilities offered for the 10.5 million annual passengers would be a relaxing welcome garden. Passengers can avail of computer rental and mobile phone.

3. Tokyo International Haneda

Haneda Airport is the main airport that provides for Tokyo’s people. It’s Nippon Airways at the terminal and the hub for Japan Airline. It contains excellent rail transfers to town and manages 75million overseas and national travellers per year. The airport provides children’s play areas and showers. Haneda scored on supports for travelers with disabilities along with its food courts supply a array of Japanese and western food. These include a rooftop open-air restaurant that is enormous.

4. Munich Airport

Situated northeast of Munich, MUC is among the busiest airports in Europe and the second-busiest in Germany, after Frankfurt. Munich functions as a hub for Condor, Lufthansa, and Air Berlin, and it includes visionary, glass-heavy structure. A people park includes a display of historical aircraft along with golf.

5. Hong Kong International Airport

Because it opened in 1998, built on an artificial island HKG has turned into among the centers in the world. Among the busiest airports in Asia, Hong Kong International serves to Dragonair, Hong Kong Airlines, and Cathay Pacific. Make Sure to play in the SkyCity Nine Eagles golf course near Terminal 2.

6. Central Japan International Airport

Built on an island in the middle of Ise Bay near the city of Nagoya, Central Japan International Called Centrair — is a focus city for ANA and Japan Airlines. Centrair holds the distinction. It’s a sky deck. Where you are able to have a while, there’s also a traditional bathhouse.

7. Zurich Airport

Zurich airport is the largest International airport in Switzerland and is located 13 km North of Zurich. Transport alternatives well serve the airport to Swiss and Zurich and European cities. Zurich Airport serves almost 26 Million travellers and is rated at airport in the world due to top class amenities and its efficacy. These include a vast assortment of restaurant options children’s’ play areas and passenger showers. Schengen and passengers are managed in areas making safety and the migration productive and easy.

8. London Heathrow Airport

Holding the eight place is the gigantic principal airport in London Heathrow. The airport scores particularly due to the ease of transfer and round the airport’s 5 terminals. Heathrow has a reputation for flights that are delayed and luggage before but this all has changed and passengers speed it highly for ease of punctuality and check-in of departure and arrival. This is no mean feat once the simple fact that it caters for 75 million passengers a year is considered.

9. Kansai International Airport

Osaka International airport in Japan is number 9 on the list of airports in the world. It has been constructed to lessen the congestion. It is famous because of its passenger design, superb service and higher quality amenities and sees 23 million passengers per year. There’s also an airport hotel for transiting passengers to find some relaxation and as excellent throughout the 2 terminals.

10. Doha Hamad Airport

Hamad International in Qatar was built and opened as recently. It includes an estimated $ 30 million passengers and is the headquarters for Qatar Airlines yearly. Is rated in the top ten due to its architecture. It sits on a 5,400 acre site that is enormous and has two passenger terminals that are described as luxurious. One of the facilities would be The Vitality Well-being & Fitness Centre that delivers spa treatments, squash courts, a swimming pool and a tub. Passengers can enjoy a vast assortment of drinks and meals, lounge in one of the well or have a shower should they prefer.

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