top 10 airports in the world

Top 10 airports in the world 2021

1. Hamad International Airport :

top 10 airports in the world

Doha’s international airport is Hamad International Airport which is one of the top 10 airports in the world. Moreover, the airport is regarded as the most beautiful in the world. However, it serves as Qatar Airways’ primary hub. It may look more like a holiday resort than a bustling transit hub at times. In addition, it contains a fitness facility, squash courts and an indoor swimming pool, as well as many lounges and child-entertainment zones for travellers of various airline classes.

2. Singapore Changi Airport :

top 10 airports in the world

Singapore Airlines’ headquarters are located at Singapore Changi Airport. Moreover, waterfalls and gardens, open-air terraces and a variety of restaurants add to the airport’s charm. In addition, the airport has free and fast Wi-Fi as well as a swimming pool for people who wish to cool down.

3. Istanbul Airport :

top 10 airports in the world

One of the top 10 airports in the world, Istanbul Airport is the main airport serving the city. This airport opened its doors for the first time in 2018. In addition, this airport is equipped with cutting-edge technology, such as a fleet of robots that assist passengers around the 818-million-square-foot hub.

4. Tokyo Narita International Airport :

top 10 airports in the world

One of the top 10 airports in the world, Tokyo Narita International Airport serves as Japan’s principal international gateway. Moreover, this airport is a vital connecting point for passengers travelling from North America to Asia. However, Tokyo Narita International Airport has three terminals providing duty-free shopping and dining options for those who want to eat ramen or sushi. In addition, there is the option of hiring one of the airport’s day rooms for those who want to take a shower or snooze. This airport also includes a capsule hotel in the terminal, suitably named “Nine Hours”. The benefit of staying in this capsule hotel is that travellers may sleep for “9 hours”.

5. Seoul Incheon International Airport :

top 10 airports in the world

The city’s main international airport is Seoul Incheon International Airport, which opened 20 years ago. Moreover, this is where South Korea’s main airport is located. The VIP lounges of Seoul Incheon International Airport are enormous and there include facilities such as an indoor skating rink and a spa. In addition, this airport has a “Cultural Street” where you may sample local cuisine and see dance performances.

6. Dubai International Airport :

top 10 airports in the world

One of the top 10 airports in the world, Dubai International Airport is one of the world’s major airports, and also in Dubai. Moreover, Emirates Airlines’ principal hub is located at this airport. In addition, among the facilities available at this airport are Zen gardens and sleep pods.

7. Zurich Airport : 

top 10 airports in the world

Zurich Airport is Switzerland’s biggest international airport. Moreover, this airport is also the home base for Swiss airlines. In addition, this airport also has clubs with champagne and whiskey bars. There are a number of places where you may obtain duty-free chocolates. Moreover, the Zurich airport also features a number of restaurants and bars, as well as an outdoor observation deck with panoramic views of the runways.

8. London Heathrow Airport :

Heathrow Airport in London is one of the busiest airports in Europe. Moreover, both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways use this airport as their principal hub. However, this airport has two operational runways and four terminal buildings. In addition, the shopping opportunities at London Heathrow Airport are fantastic. This airport is famous for its Whiskies shop, which provides legendary Scotch samples.

9. Marrakech Menara Airport :

Marrakech Menara Airport is the gateway to one of North Africa’s most famous tourist attractions. Moreover, this airport is a good starting point for exploring Morocco. In addition, the airport depicts Northern African culture.

10. Athens International Airport :

Athens International Airport is known as Greece’s busiest airport. However, it serves as the principal hub for Aegean Airlines. Moreover, Athens International Airport is well-known for its modern amenities, straightforward layout and convenient location near the capital.

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