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Hotel Booking APIs

zooFamily provides the best hotel APIs for searching and booking hotels online, allowing Travel Agents, Travel Agencies, Hoteliers, Tour Operators and travel management companies to provide the best client experience while increasing profitability. We have handpicked top hotel API providers tailored to different needs, including popular hotel pricing data. Hotels have become an important part of the travel and hospitality industry, as every year millions of business travellers and tourists book and cancel hotel reservations using multiple channels, majorly via agents or telephone. However, many hotels have begun to make this process a lot easier and more automated by creating APIs (Application Programmable Interfaces) to allow agents and third-party developers to fetch data from their systems.

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  Top 10 Best Hotel APIs Details:

Sabre API

Sabre APIs aim to help developers integrate Sabre’s travel content into their websites. Along the way, APIs can lower development costs, minimize duplication of efforts and shorten development cycles as well. Sabre API cost usually 3500$, but when you buy the Sabre API from zooFamily, then its price is 650$.

Amadeus Hotel API

Amadeus is a leading business-to-business hotel tools provider in the travel industry that aids in connecting various hotels and small chains, distributing hotel data, and other business operations. Improving such services enhances your visibility so that you can enjoy maximum booking benefits through customers.

Also, this global distribution system provider offers businesses a platform that could be used for offering hotel inventory and amenities to their respective customers.

Amadeus Hotel API

Makcorps Hotel Price API

As a hotelier, you know that offering competitive rates is key to attracting and retaining guests. But manually checking and comparing rates across multiple online travel agencies (OTAs) can be time-consuming and tedious. That’s where Makcorps Hotel Price API comes in.

This powerful tool allows you to easily access historical and current pricing data from over 200 OTAs in a single request. This means you can quickly and easily compare your hotel’s rates to those of your competitors and ensure you are offering the best deal to your customers.

Google Hotel API Provider

Google Hotel APIs is a web service that enables its users with great hotel searching and booking functionality. It provides real-time information on pricing, inventory availability, and reservation management.

Through the application, developers can help their customers to choose a suitable hotel property as per their requirements by providing them with deep insight and knowledge regarding the same.

Also, they can check multiple reviews posted by other customers and can accordingly decide on their decisions.

 EPS Rapid Review API Provider

EPS Rapid is a Hotel Review Provider that provides travel companies with access to different reviews posted by previous guests and also offers them real-time competitive pricing.

It is an easy-to-integrate solution that enables you to provide your customers with customized hotel bookings. You can offer wide access to multiple properties online, region mappings, rates, and much more to enhance your customer’s overall experience.

 Expedia API Provider

This hotel technology provider is a global platform that adds various travel agents to connect with over 140,000 hotels in 200-plus countries. Expedia is a suitable portal for travel agents planning to build a sophisticated application for their customers to avail all the benefits of leisure travel. You can include real-time hotel information such as pricing, inventory availability, booking facilities, and cancellation, all together at a single platform.

Cleartrip API Provider

Cleartrip is a hotel booking API provider a useful booking API software that allows their customers to directly take bookings for their listings. It is a user-friendly solution that offers both mobile and desktop users to allow their customers flexibility.

Airbnb API Provider

Airbnb API is the perfect tool that allows hotel business owners to import listings and sync databases. One can set dynamic pricing and manage their listing through various features available and automates functions to enhance the guest experience.

You can easily change your information and pricing at a given time as per the situation and availability of services.

TripAdvisor Content API Provider

The Hotel Content API Provider offered by Tripadvisor API enables you to compare prices across various OTA platforms, enabling you to identify the best deals and keep track of hotel rate parity.

Also, the application provides you with detailed insights based on your search queries such as traveler photos, reviews, key attractions, facilities available, and much more. You can count on it as your travel guide that makes your traveling much smoother and hassle-free.

Hotwire API Provider

Hotwire API is an effective travel software provider that allows its customers to quickly fill up remaining airline seats, hotel rooms, and end rental cars. Customers can easily book high-quality services at reasonable costs to avail the best deals. It provides a distinct search engine through which you can discover discounted rates. Hotwire is a perfect tool if you are planning to design software of your own.

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