First time zooFamily offered a travel course in Bangladesh.Travel Course in Bangladesh are new introduction of Bangladesh travel industry.It has many chapter and every chapter provide you a different knowledge about travel industry and business.An intensive course designed for persons intending to build career in Travel-Tourism at home and abroad. Combined lectures & class work will be give a bright future in travel industry.

Travel Course in Bangladesh

What You can learn after course: Twelve chapter gives you a complete travel course.chapter one is a free class for all, any one can join this course.Minimum Requirement for Admission: HSC/A-Level.

1.chapter one: Basic introduction of travel business & product.(2 class)=Free

2.chapter two: How airline doing business in a country.(1 class)=(1000BDT)

3.chapter three: Introduction of IATA & GDS & BSP(2 class)=(2000BDT)

4.chapter four: Reservation course(GDS) (4 class)=(5000BDT)

5.chapter five : make an online travel agent (4 class)=(3000BDT)

6.chapter six: Affiliate marketing & earning by a travel blog.(4 class)=(5000BDT)

7.chapter seven: Be a travel professional (2 class)=(2000BDT)

8.chapter eight: Relationship & Behaviour (1 class)=(1000BDT)

9. Dealings with corporates,sub-agent,retailers (1 class)=(1000BDT)

10. Travel Business management (2 class)=(2000BDT)

11.Travel Business Accounts management (2 class)=(2000BDT)

12.Future of travel industry & business (1 class)=(1000BDT)

After Travel Course you will get the opportunities to work with us for 5 days,If we satisfied you may get a job in travel sector.there is a short list at what you learn at work:

Travel Services



Food & Beverage


Ancillary Service


Geography of Bangladesh

IATA conference Areas of the world

International Travel Geography

Tour Operations

Type of Tour



Package Tour – Preparation – Operation & Management

Costing & Pricing & Package Tour

Marketing of Tourism

Travel Agency

Setting up, Functions, Type etc

Use of Travel Manuals

Reservation System

Tourist visa assistance


Fare Calculation

Sales Techniques & Customer Handling

CRS (Galileo)

English Communication & Social English

Basic Computer Skill

Time Duration:

Total 22 class needed to complete this course, which time prior is 3 months and amount is 25000BDT.If needed any one can choose individual chapters.(In one class max 10 students, not more than)

We provide GDS system for your business.which cost you 190$ (15500BDT),If you take this system than you will get all Facilities of a IATA travel agent.we reverse you full of IATA commission.

Top GDS System Company Bangladesh

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Jahangir Tower (6 th Floor)
Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215
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Mr. Ghazi Salahuddin
02 Abacus Bangladesh NMC Limited
Hasney Tower (11 th Floor)
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Mr. Omar Farooq Malik
General Manager
03 Global Travel Distribution Bangla Pvt. Ltd. (Amadeus)
119, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue (1, Minto Road)
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