What you need to know about yacht chartering during COVID

What you need to know about yacht chartering during COVID

By canceling flights and imposing travel bans around the world, the COVID-19 crisis has roiled the tourism industry. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As countries begin to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, small pockets are slowly opening up to travelers. And starting with the lifting of restrictions on airports and especially marinas and waterways. But what does your summer vacation rental mean? Find out when to rent, where to charter, and how yacht charters are coping with the coronavirus crisis.

When can I charter and where?

Countries slowly started lifting their travel restrictions back in June. And which is good news for charter flights looking to operate on water. However, it’s not as simple as jumping on a plane and meeting your yacht as planned. The ability to travel to your chosen destination depends on the boundaries between your country of origin and country of arrival. In many cases, travel is restricted to those arriving from countries classified as “high risk” – a list that changes daily and varies from country to country. In other cases, if travel is permitted, you may need to take a negative COVID-19 test on arrival to avoid the mandatory quarantine period. When in doubt, contact your charter broker or consult government websites for official advice.

Is it safe to rent a cruise ship?

Renting a superyacht is often seen as one of the safest ways to enjoy a vacation. According to Ocean Independence, yacht charters can be a “great alternative” to other luxury vacation options. “The Private Charter ensures that guests can stay safe in a smaller, spotless environment while minimizing the need for frequent public areas where risks naturally increase,” the agency said in a statement. also shows the benefits of supercruise vacations: Cruise ships offer an easy to control environment with respect to the arrival and departure of other guests and employees. The gangway is an effective lift bridge and no one has to get on the cruise as supplies remain on the dock and loaded by permanent crews.


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