Why choose Aviation as a career after 12th?

So, first of all, Congratulations! You completed your 12th and now you are a bit worried or confused about what to do after 12th? You may also get free advice from many people for your career. But before you choose any path, there must be proper research on it.

As discussed in the previous blog (Most Successful careers in Aviation blog’s), explained some courses in detail. There are many short term diploma courses in aviation like diploma in cabin crew & ground staff, diploma in aviation, etc. Many institutes and colleges provide 6 months of training programs for these.

The previous blog also explained that there are many options in the Aviation industry and they can surely give you lots of money, but do you think only money is the only factor to be considered while choosing a career? Not at all! There are many factors to be seen. So, keep reading and I’ll tell you why you should choose Aviation as your career after 12th?

There are many advantages of choosing aviation as a career; some of them are listed below:

A.  Be a traveller

The very first and known benefit is you get ample travel opportunities when you work in this industry. One can’t find a better field for such travel opportunities. Some of the jobs like pilots or flight attendants may also get a chance to travel 10 different cities within a span of just 5 days! If you want to travel for your vacation, you are lucky if you are employed in the aviation industry as you will get air tickets at a discounted rate, or in some cases, it might be free!

B. Encountering new brains daily

Working in this industry is really interesting as you daily meet new people and which means you encounter new brains on a daily basis. This can be a perfect job for extroverts who love to talk and meet new people. One can be sure that he/she will always find a different kind of person every day as there are near about 70K – 80K arrivals in India!

C. Continuous Development

Being a part of this industry, one has to be fully updated about things around the world, so airline companies provide various pieces of training to employees. They offer different workshops which help employees develop their skills and in return companies get the most skilled personnel for their job. These pieces of training and workshops will always keep a person excited as he/she will continuously keep on learning something new!

D. Financially Rewarding

One thing which is very interesting about this industry that you are highly paid for travelling! One will never complain about the salary in this industry and this quality makes it a really very great field to select as a career. And promotions over here are a bit fast as compared to other industries. So, this industry is actually financially rewarding.

E. Wider Scope

As this industry is very wide, there are many profiles to work on. The core fields like hospitality, management, engineering, etc. require highly skilled professionals. If we talk about hospitality, it consists of jobs like Airport Customer Care Executive, Airplane Cabin Crew, etc. Then moving to management we have aviation management. So, one can conclude that aviation has a wider scope as compared to other fields.

These are a few points which clearly say that aviation can be and should be chosen as a career after 12th. But, for a bright future student needs the best teacher. So, there is only one option i.e. Tail Wind Aviation! It is the best institute in Bangalore for this Aviation.

So, what are you waiting for? Your future depends on your decision!