Air Ambulance from Bangladesh

Find Air ambulance from  Bangladesh now. We have for Air ambulance from Bangladesh under services.

How to hire an Air Ambulance

Everybody should know the cost of hiring a helicopter. Basically, an Air Ambulance booking is simple. At first, you have to provide your details destination information and where you will fly from. Then give us your expected flying date and time schedule that you wish to move and also give the number of travelers that he /she wants to fly. After that, we will give an expected cost of the flight for air ambulance service.

You can contact us via email: [email protected] or call us on +88 01978569290, for more information and prices.


  1. Passport with 6 months validity.
  2. Visa copy of that country (which country you want to go)
  3. Patient case summary provides by Hospital Doctor.
  4. Foreign Hospital booking confirmation.
  5. Local Doctor Number.
  6. For Permission, it will take minimum 8 hours.
  7. Driver Name, Driver mobile Number.
  8. Ambulance or Car Number.
  9. Attendance name, Passport, Mobile Number.

Contact for Reservation:

Travel Zoo Bangladesh Limited
Phone: +88 01978569290


International  Air Ambulance From Dhaka

Now we are offering and providing business stretcher and wheelchair benefit with medical support for the patients and the services as like as a defender of the patients from bed to bed with full of medical support on board. The full liability of medical authorization, stretcher, oxygen and ambulift setting up for both side, emergency ambulance booking and rescue ambulance consent to enter Dhaka Airport, ground taking care of, patients movement and checking is included by the service provider. The responsibility of the patients is taken by the authority. The board of air ambulance authority added up a patient monitor, syringe pump, laryngoscope, Bain circuit, intubation set & all other drugs & equipment. The calculating amount of the total charges for the service is for time 3 or 4 days add up to 11 seats(attendance 2 men 24000*2= expressways).

For Thailand:

1. Stretcher/Wheelchair452,000Tk/195,000Tk
2. Medical permission300Tk
3. Biman agent4,000Tk
4. Ambulift (Dhaka)16,000Tk
5. Ambulift (Bangkok)2,500Baht or 6,000Tk
5. Ambulance (Dhaka)6,000Tk
6. Oxygen (Per Cylinder)4,000Tk
7. Ground Handling Agent12,000Tk
8. Doctor & Equipment fee50,000Tk
9. Doctor,s Return ticket25,000Tk
Grand TotalStretcher – 575,300Tk
Wheelchair – 318,300Tk

For Singapore:

1. Stretcher/Wheelchair670,000Tk/220,000Tk
2. Medical permission300Tk
3. Biman agent4,000Tk
4. Ambulift (Dhaka)16,000Tk
5. Ambulift (Bangkok)350SGD 19,000Tk
5. Ambulance (Dhaka)6,000Tk
6. Oxygen (Per Cylinder) 2 cylinder required8,000Tk
7. Ground Handling Agent12,000Tk
8. Doctor & Equipment fee50,000Tk
9. Doctor,s Return ticket40,000Tk
Grand TotalStretcher – 825,300Tk
Wheelchair – 349,300Tk

NB: The service charge will be added BDT 5000 Tk.

Contact  Details:

Travel Zoo Bangladesh Limited

Shimanto Square (Rifles Square)

Road # 2, Suite # 260 (2nd Floor) Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Phone: +88 01978569290

The Four Types of Aircraft we have right now.

Cessna Grand Caravan

Air Ambulance from Bangladesh

Pilatus PC12

Piaggio Avanti II

Falcon 2000EX

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