Top Places in Myanmar

               Top Places in Myanmar Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a Southeast Asian country and the dwelling place of more than 100 ethnic groups. This country is mainly famous for towering Pagodas, numerous parks, busy markets, and magnificent lakes. Here you can also find magnificent white beaches along the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Cultural and geographical diversity has also made this country one of the mysteries in South East Asia. Our list will assist you to [...]


Regent Airways offering up to 50 percent discount on tickets

Regent Airways, one of the famous Bangladeshi domestic and international flight operator, once again they announced attractive discount offer. Recently they are completing 6 years of successful operation in the aviation industry.This is the time to celebrate Regent Airways Eighth anniversary.For this celebration Regent Airways offering up to 50 percent discount on tickets on 6 international and 4 domestic routes. The promotional tickets will be available till December 10 and valid for travel till October 26 next year. You can be purchased [...]


Top places in Maldives

                    Top places in Maldives MaldivesThe Maldives, officially known as the Republic of Maldives, is a wonderful South Asian country situated in the Indian Ocean. This country is also located in the southwest of India and Sri Lanka. Pristine sandy beaches, fantastic underwater world, and luxurious resorts to reside with have made this country the best tourist destination in Asia for having an enjoyable holiday. Here you’ll find the lot s of places to visit but you’ll have to choose [...]

South Korea

Top Places in South Korea

       Top Places in South Korea South Korea South Korea, officially known as the Republic of Korea, is an East Asian Country on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. This country is extremely popular for 5000 years of culture, history, outstanding landscapes and local people’s hospitality. The ruins and restored places bear the testimony of various rulers’ domination over the country throughout the ages. Besides, the nation is very rich with cultural events, celebratory festivals and delicious foods. Considering your [...]


Top places in Singapore

      Top places in Singapore Singapore Singapore, officially known as the Republic of Singapore, is an island city-state in Southeast Asia. This country is best known for its attractive places that are extremely popular with tourists from all over the world.  Fast transport system, green jungles, awesome food facilities and enjoyable shopping have made this country one of the Asian hit-list tourist destinations. To make your visit to Singapore easy and cozy, we’ve listed the top places in Singapore that will [...]


Top places in Malaysia

         Top places in Malaysia Malaysia, a Southeast Asian country, is the most popular tourist country for the diversity. It’s not only a country of different ethnic groups but a mixture of various customs, religions and cuisines. This country is very popular with the travelers from all over the world for its famous cities, pristine beaches, hygienic food, magnificent islands, and numerous parks with beautiful rainforests. Your visit to this country will be very pleasant and enjoyable if you travel [...]

Sri Lanka

Top Places in Sri Lanka

Sri LankaTop Places in Sri LankaSri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is a small country in the Indian Ocean. This country boasts of pristine beaches, outstanding ruins, amazing trains, numerous elephants, popular tea, inexpensive prices, tasty food and entertaining people. This country is also reputed for colonial architectures from the time when the English, Dutch, and Portuguese ruled. After all, you’ll find this country visit-worthy in Asia for its abundant beauty, versatile history and wonderful nature. A complete overview [...]

top places in Indonesia, best places in Indonesia

Top places in Indonesia

Indonesia Top places in Indonesia Indonesia, officially known as the Republic of Indonesia, is a recognized island country in Southeast Asia between the Indian and Pacific oceans. This country is very reputed for its wonderful islands, magnificent landscapes, outstanding mountains, and historical temples. If you’re planning to travel to Asia, then you must visit Indonesia to make your holiday fun and pleasurable. This country offers many tourist places to travel but you should choose the ones that are perfectly ideal for having [...]


Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements

Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements To those who are fascinated by archaeology, culture of peoples and ancient civilization, discover archaeology and heritage of Saudi Arabia and its history. The Custodian off the Two Holy Mosques Cultural Heritage program provides you each day with new and exciting information related to museums, historic sites, urban heritage and handicrafts. Saudi Arabia is considered as the forum of the first human being forum and the starting point of the islamic call, its strategic location is [...]