The Kolkata Yellow Taxi or Cab

Kolkata,the city of Joy! To roam in Kolkata, One must want to Book Kolkata’s Yellow Taxi or Cab. The Kolkata Taxi, also called the Indian Yellow Cab, is produced by the company Hindustan Motors and the model name is “Ambassador”.

The Hindustan Ambassador was an automobile manufactured by Hindustan Motors of India. It was in production from 1958 to 2014 with few improvements and changes over its production lifetime. The Ambassador was based on the Morris Oxford series III model, first made by Morris Motors Limited at Cowley, Oxford in the United Kingdom from 1956 to 1959. Despite its British origins, the Ambassador is considered as a definitive Indian car and is fondly called the “king of Indian roads”

HM stops production of Ambassadors: After 56 years of production, Hindustan Motors has finally stopped manufacturing all models and variants of the Ambassador. So ambassador yellow taxis are truly a thing of the past.

Phasing out 15-year-old taxis:

The government has made it mandatory for the yellow taxis which are older than 15 years to be discontinued. So old models are being phased out mandatorily.

I think you will like this yellow taxi, because it’s an antique pice of Kolkata culture.

Book Kolkata’s Yellow Taxi or Cab Or all over the India 

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