China On-Arrival Visa

China offering On-Arrival Visa for Bangladeshi Citizens

China On-Arrival Visa

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China is providing On-Arrival Visa for Bangladeshi  Citizens. Today (22nd November 2018) it is informed through a statement from China Embassy located in Dhaka.

Chinese On-Arrival visa

From now, Bangladeshi Citizens will easily get ‘Port Visa’ for the purpose of emergency humanitarian needs, commercial work, projects mending, tourism or for other urgent tasks.

In the statements, it is said that if you would like to travel to China, then you’ll have to go there through Chinese tourist agents. And if you want to go to China for commercial work, mending projects or for any other urgent work, you’ll have to have an invitation from China Ministry. Spokesman Chen Wei of Chinese Embassy said, ‘’Like other foreigners, Bangladeshis will also get the facility for ‘Port Visa’.”

Regarding Visa Application Process:

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Documents Required for China Business / Tourist Sticker Visa

  • Passport (Validity should be at least 06 Months from the date of departure)
  • Recent 33 mm x 48 mm size photo with white background 2 Copy
  • Bank statement for last six months. Minimum Balance 150,000/- or above
  • Bank Solvency Certificate
  • O.C / G.O / Trade License Notarized Copy with Translate in English & Letterhead Pad
  • Visiting Card
  • Student ID Card OR Birth Certificate (if child travel with parent)
  • Marriage Certificate (only for newly married couple)

Visitors coming to China on this type of visa can stay in China for 30 days.

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Disclaimer: Before your payments contact us via email ([email protected]) or WhatsApp at (+88) 01978569293) ,Airways Office only provide Visa logistics support with your documents. Visa grant is the distinct decision of embassy or consulate of the respective countries.

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