Dhaka to Bangkok Flight

Dhaka to Bangkok Flight

Bangkok is the most visited tourist city in Thailand and more than one flight every week flies to this city. It’s one of the most beautiful and bustling cities in the world and allures travelers around the world with its incredible nightlife and outstanding religious landmarks. Travelers here also enjoy amazing Thai massages and excellent hospitality of the Thai people. So, your visit to this capital city will be very memorable and unparalleled.

But prior to planning your Dhaka to Bangkok Flight, you should know every detail about the flight. You must know which airline is the best and cheapest for a flight from Dhaka to Bangkok. For the cheapest flight from Dhaka to Bangkok, we at Airways Office have researched a lot online and found that there are many airlines opertiating wonderful Dhaka to Bangkok flights. You can choose your favorite airline to fly from Dhaka to Bangkok for a secure and cost-effective flight. But our recommendation is to fly on Thai Lion Air.

Book Dhaka to Bangkok Flight on Thai lion Air

When you’re searching on the internet for the cheapest flights from Dhaka to Bangkok, you’ll find many airlines operating flights from Dhaka to Bangkok. Some of them are Thai lion Air, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Bangkok Air and Thai Airlines.  But Thai Lion Air and Biman Bangladesh Airlines offer the best deals on Bangkok Flights. Also, passengers choosing to fly with Thai Lion Air will be able to enjoy free baggage allowance of 10kg and free allowance for sports equipment of 10kg. Therefore, select your preferred flight from the cheapest one to fly from Dhaka to Bangkok.

How many airlines on Dhaka to Bangkok Route?

There are many flights running on this route every day and you’ll find options to choose from. For passenger convenience, lots of airlines operate 3+ flights daily on this route but to plan Dhaka to Bangkok Flight you should choose Thai Lion Air that serves domestic and international scheduled flights from other cities in Thailand.

How much will it cost for Dhaka to Bangkok Flight?

We’ve searched many airlines offices online and found the cheapest prices possible. Flight cost may range from US$180 to US$1,272. Prices for DAC to DMK fluctuate because there are more routes from Bangladesh.

Airline               Departure(DAC)     Return(DMK)           Duration         Date       Price             Flight

Thai Lion Air       02:45                       06:20                     02h 35m       30 Nov    US$228         Non-stop

Thai Lion Air       15:00                       18:35                    02h 35m         30 Nov     US$180      Non-stop

Where to Purchase Cheap Air Tickets?

The excellent way to get an exclusive deal on airfare is to search various travel agencies’ websites. If you want to buy a cheap air ticket for the Flight from Dhaka to Bangkok from Bangladesh, then you’ll have to contact a Travel Agency. Airways Office offers the best deal on purchasing tickets and help you to save your cash.


How long is the flight from Dhaka to Bangkok?

The standard length for the flight from Dhaka to Bangkok is 2 hours and 20 minutes.


How far is Bangkok from Dhaka?

The distance between Dhaka and Bangkok is about 2,410 Kilometers ( 14,97 miles)




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